13 DIY Mason Jar Crafts for Every Season

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I don’t know about you, but creative mason jar crafts are my jam! Mason jars are some of the most versatile craft supplies because you can use them for almost anything! These glass jars are great for easy crafts, party favors, mason jar decor, DIY projects, and DIY gift ideas for every season!

So, if you’re looking for some mason jar inspiration for your next craft, keep reading. This article will round up some of my favorite mason jar crafts to inspire new ideas for your next DIY project!

Mason Jar Crafts

Cute Crafts and Ideas to Decorate Mason Jars For Every Season

The tutorial for each project is linked and provided step-by-step directions and a full supply list.

Rainbow Fruit Mason Jars

Rainbow Fruit Mason Jar Craft Pen Holder

Fruit has never looked cuter! This simple mason jar craft uses acrylic paint to paint different types of fruit onto clear mason jars! This craft is a great way to spend your free time if you’re looking for a creative craft to do!

Kawaii Mason Jars

Painted Mason Jars

These adorable kawaii mason jars are a cute idea for adding a colorful element to your space. This fun craft involves painting mason jars with acrylic paint and drawing cute facial expressions on them! I painted each mason jar a different pastel color for this craft, creating a slight rainbow effect when I lined them up. I then painted different facial expressions on each mason jar to give them a personal touch!

School Supplies Mason Jar Idea

School Mason Jars Craft for back-to-school, teacher appreciation, teachers gifts and classroom decor.

If you’re looking for cute desk accessories, this is the craft for you! This craft is the perfect finishing touch to your desk and is a good use of old mason jars lying around your house! First, I used acrylic paint to paint different school-inspired mason jars for this craft. Then, I painted adorable expressions to give them a personal touch! The finished product looked adorable and is the perfect size for holding school supplies!

DIY Glitter Mason Jars

DIY Glitter Mason Jars

Who doesn’t love glitter, right? These glitter mason jars make perfect last minute gifts for when you need something thoughtful yet quick! First, I used acrylic paint to create a dripping effect at the top of the mason jars for this craft. Then, I used extra fine glitter to add a bit of sparkle!

Watercolor Mason Jar Craft

Watercolor painted mason jar

This DIY mason jar craft is the perfect way to showcase your creative talents! I used neon acrylic paint mixed with water for this craft to create beautiful designs on my mason jars! This craft makes a great gift or DIY home decor!

Mason Jars Decorated for Easter

Easter Mason Jars

These little jars work perfectly for this special occasion! For this craft, I painted mason jars using acrylic paint. I painted one mason jar with a floral bunny and the other with an open egg and a little chick inside! This craft works well for Easter decorations or filling them with candy and goodies for guests to take as they walk out the door!

Painted Halloween Mason Jars

Halloween Mason Jars

These spooky mason jars are perfect for decorating your home for Halloween! I used acrylic paint to paint different designs on these mason jars, like a witch face, witch boots, and a black cat! I love this craft because it adds a personal touch to your home and uses a little bit of creativity!

DIY Painted Animal Mason Jars

Cute colorful jars painted like animals

These little cartoon animal mason jars are an easy idea for a quick DIY project! I used 8 oz mason jars for this craft because they just looked cuter to me and made sense! I also used acrylic paint and paint pens to give the animals a vibrant, adorable look! These mason jars make adorable gifts and brighten up any space!

Pumpkin Decorated Mason Jars

Pumpkin Mason Jar Fall Craft

This fall craft is an easy way to decorate for fall and get ready for the season! For this craft, I used acrylic paint to paint mason jars. I used colors like orange and white to replicate pumpkins and used the mason jar lids for the stem!

Stained Glass Painted Mason Jar Inspiration

How to Paint Stained Glass Jars and Vases

If you’re a fan of stained glass windows, you’ll love this craft! I used glossy glass paint for this craft to get that “stained glass” effect! These mason jars would look amazing on a dining room table or sitting in a window to reflect the light!

Christmas Mason Jars

Christmas mason jar candles

Celebrate the holiday season with these festive mason jar crafts! This round-up article includes several different ways to use mason jars for the holidays. For example, you can make a mason jar soap dispenser, mason jar lights, mason jar candy holder, and mason jar snow globes!

Panda Unicorn Mason Jar Decoration Idea

Panda Unicorn Mason Jar Craft

This mason jar craft is a fun way to combine two adorable animals- pandas and unicorns! I used acrylic paint for this craft to paint a panda onto a mason jar and attached a unicorn horn on top!

Easy Doodle Mason Jar Craft

Mandala doodle jar and doodle rocks

Do you need an easy DIY project that tests your creative abilities? Look no further than this Doodle Mason Jars craft! I used vibrant paint pens to create intricate designs on painted black mason jars for this craft! If you’re looking for the perfect gift, this craft is for you!

Hopefully, these easy mason jar crafts inspired you to make some colorful creations of your own! If you make one of these mason jar ideas, tag me on social media @ColorMadeHappy so I can see your lovely creations. I’m always touched when my followers recreate my crafts with their own personal touches!

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