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Cactus Painted Rock Tutorial

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Cactus Painted Rock

Here is a really fun and easy cactus painted rock tutorial. Well, technically it’s a paint pens tutorial but you get the idea. Below are the exact rock painting supplies I used, along with a step-by-step tutorial and some tips and tricks for painting rocks. And if you like this tutorial, you can see more rock painting tutorials here.

Cactus Painted Rock Supplies

  • Rocks – I used these rocks. I like the lighter color which is perfect for using paint pens on rocks without having to prep with a lighter background.
  • Paint Pens – I used markers from this full set of Posca extra fine paint pens. Another great option for paint pens is this set which I often use as well.


  • Start by drawing the basic design with a pencil directly on the rock.
  • Using the darker green paint pen, start at the bottom of the cactus and color halfway up.
  • Color in the top of the cactus with the light green pen.
  • Go back with the dark green pen and color over the bottom of the light green color. The key is to make sure you work quickly before the paint dries. This technique is how you blend colors with paint pens.

  • Add dark pink to the bottom of the flower pot.
  • Add light pink to the top of the flower pot.
  • Go back with the dark pink pen and add a layer over the bottom of the light pink area to blend.
  • Add outline and cactus details in black.
  • Add finishing details with white. This simple step is what will make the image stand out even more. Cactus Painted Rock

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Are you ready to create a painted cactus rock of your own? I’d love to see what you create. Come share with me your finished cactus rocks on Instagram page or Facebook page. I love sharing when others create one of my tutorials!

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