Patchwork Pattern Drawing

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I had so much fun drawing this patchwork pattern after seeing it on Pinoxart’s instagram page. This was such an easy design to draw that I was able to draw it poolside while on vacation. You can make it even easier by keeping it to a single or smaller page. See below of the exact supplies and steps to make your own patchwork pattern drawing.

patchwork drawing idea

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Supplies for patchwork drawing idea

Directions for Patchwork Pattern Drawing

Step 1. Start by drawing curved, wavy lines vertically down the entire length of the page or sketchbook.

Step 2. Next, draw the same type of lines but horizontally across the page to create a board pattern.

Step 3. Fill in each space made by the pattern with a different color. I used brush acrylic paint pens but you could use any type of markers or colored pencils. I kept to a rainbow pattern for my colors but you could use any variety of random colors.

coloring in each section of patchwork drawing pattern

Step 4. Thicken all of the lines with a back liner pen. Because I used paint markers, I did this after I colored in each area so the paint marker wouldn’t overlap the black lines.

Step 5. Add small black circles above the middle of each line. I drew 2-4 circles depending on how long the line was. You’ll match each circle on the other side of the line.

adding dots to patchwork pattern design

Step 6. Finally take a white gel pen and draw a circle curve connecting the dots that are above and below each line. This will create a sewn pattern look.

patchwork design pattern drawing

Customize Your Patchwork Pattern Design

  • Create a checkerboard pattern using just two colors.
  • Draw a shape like a heart or star and draw the patchwork pattern inside the shape.
  • Make a greeting card out of your design.
  • Draw the patchwork pattern on just part of the page and then draw a different design on the other part.
  • Draw little shapes and designs within each colored section to make it look even more like a quilt design.
  • Choose different hues of the same color for the design.

Hope you have fine trying out this easy to draw pattern!

patchwork drawing pattern

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