How to Draw a Cute Dog: Step by Step Tutorial

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If you’re bored and in need of a simple and fun activity to do, look no further than this simple dog drawing tutorial! You definitely don’t need art lessons for this step by step drawing tutorial! This cute puppy drawing consists of easy steps and basic shapes to recreate this adorable dog! In addition, this step by step drawing guide is super easy to follow and takes very little time, making it perfect for beginner artists! So, keep reading to see how you can learn how to draw this cute cartoon dog yourself!

How to Draw a Cute Dog step by step drawing tutorial

Materials Needed to Draw a Cute Dog

  1. White sheet of paper or card stock
  2. Pencil
  3. Eraser
  4. Markers, colored pencils, or crayons for filling in lines and the body of the dog. See this post for the best markers for coloring and doodling.

What art supplies work best for this cartoon puppy activity?

I’ve found using a pencil to outline the body and going back in with a marker is the most fool-proof way to draw the dog! See below for some of the best supplies for drawing and coloring.

How to Draw a Cute Dog

  1. Grab your piece of paper and lay it on a flat surface. Make sure there are no ridges or bumps, as this could affect your drawing.
  2. Take your pencil and draw a circle. This circle is the dog’s head. Then, draw two triangles on top of the head. You can draw small details such as fur on each side of the circle to make the drawing more life-like.
    Dog's head is drawn
  3. Draw the front of the dog’s body, an upside-down triangle shape connected to the dog’s head. Make sure the triangle is curved on each side versus drawing rigid lines. Using curved lines makes the body look more realistic. You can add some extra fur on each side of the body.Adding the chest and feet to the dog drawing
  4. Draw the dog’s back legs and backside on the left side of the body. You can also draw the dog’s front legs by connecting them to the dog’s chest.The back and hind legs of the dog are added to the drawing
  5. Draw two smaller triangles inside the dog’s ears. Then, draw two small circles for the dog’s eyes and draw smaller circles inside the two small circles. Lastly, draw a tiny triangle upside down for the dog’s nose and a little furry nub for the tail.How to draw a dog step 5: the eyes and drawn and the ears have detail added to them
  6. Draw facial features to finish the dog’s face. Next, draw a bandana around the dog’s neck!How to Draw a Cute Dog step 6 where a bandana is added around the dog's neck and the sticking out tongue is drawn
  7. Color in the dog like the picture or however you want! Now you have the cutest dog drawing ever!Final drawing of a cute dog that's colored in

Tips and Tricks

Although this tutorial is super easy, it doesn’t hurt to have a few tips and tricks thrown in to help the process! For example, you don’t have to draw the dog exactly as pictured. Instead, you can get creative with it if you’re feeling up to it. For instance, you can draw the dog sitting or standing if you want. In addition, you can draw floppy ears on your dog or keep them pointy, like the example.

Another helpful tip is that this tutorial works for different types of dogs. This tutorial is for how to draw a corgi dog but you can adjust the drawing to make it look different. Since this tutorial consists of simple shapes, you can manipulate them to look like a different dog breed. For example, you can make the dog less furry, add floppy ears and spots, and you’ve got yourself a Dalmatian!

You can also draw a different tail on your dog if you like. For example, say you want your dog to look like a Siberian Husky. Well, you can draw a big, curvy, fluffy tail, add some facial markings, and you’ve got yourself a Husky! Basically, you can use any of your favorite dogs for this tutorial!


What if I don’t have the best drawing skills?

Don’t worry! This activity doesn’t require special drawing techniques, so even the most novice artists can follow this quick tutorial!

Where can I put this happy drawing?

You can give this drawing to a friend or family member or hang it up in your home! I love showing off my artwork in my home because it adds a personal touch! You can also make your own greeting cards with this cute dog design.

What if my hands are shaking when I’m drawing?

I like to draw in smaller strokes instead of one continuous line, so there’s less room for error. This way, you can maintain accuracy throughout your drawing, and you don’t have to worry about messing up!


I hope you had a lot of fun with this easy dog drawing! I don’t know about you, but I think drawing is extremely therapeutic. So, if you’re feeling stressed or want to decompress, try drawing. I promise you; it’s hard to be stressed when you’re drawing one of the cutest baby animals ever!

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