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Heart Coloring Pages

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One of my favorite shapes to color is a heart. These heart coloring pages are fun to color and can be used to make cards for multiple occasions such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries, and more! So, if you’ve got some spare time and need an activity to do, I’ve got some free printable heart coloring pages that are sure to spread a little love in your life. Keep reading to see how you can download these free sent of heart printable coloring pages and what coloring supplies I like to use!

Best coloring supplies:

Ohuhu Alcohol Markers – Ohuhu alcohol markers have a great ink flow and smooth finish which makes coloring in these heart coloring sheers easy and beautiful. You can even blend the inks for a shaded effect. These alcohol markers are great for coloring in larger areas and creating a shaded effect. 

Stabilo 68 Pens – These are wonderful felt tip markers that make it easy to color small, intricate designs, 

Prismacolor Colored Pencils – My favorite go-to pencils for coloring are Prismacolor colored pencils. Priscmacolor pencils create a smooth finish and making coloring with colored pencils easy.

Sharpie Markers – Sharpies are always a great and affordable option when it comes to coloring. I like to use heavier card stock when coloring with Sharpie pens.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure to click the “DOWNLOAD links below for the PDF version as the image on the page is not print resolution. These printables are for school and personal use only. Do not copy, republish, upload, or alter these files. If you would like to feature these free printable heart coloring pages, please link back to this web page.

Click to Download Mandala Heart Coloring Page

Heart Coloring Page Mandala Design

Download Heart Coloring Page Design

Heart Coloring Page template

Click to Download Multiple Mandala Hearts Coloring Page

Hearts coloring pageGreat Ideas for Using These Free Hearts Coloring Pages:

Making DIY Coloring Books

Instead of buying a coloring book from the store, you can make your own! You can add different themes to your coloring book, such as a simple heart theme, animal theme, nature theme, etc.

Painting the Coloring Pages Using Watercolors Paint

If you want to take things up a notch, you can swap out markers, pens, and pencils with watercolor paint! Just use watercolor paper when you print out the heart design and then paint directly on the design with your watercolors.

Rainy Day Activity for Kids

If you’ve got some rambunctious kids that need to wind down, this activity is perfect for you! You can give your kids these coloring pages with some coloring supplies and have them go to a quiet place after school, after playing outside, etc. These heart templates are also great to have on hand for a Valentine’s Day party. 

De-stressing Activity

I love using these pages whenever I’ve had a stressful day, or I just want to unwind. Coloring helps you focus and calm your mind because you’re focusing on staying in the lines, picking the right colors, etc. So, if you or someone you know needs a little de-stressing activity, these free printables will do the trick!

Friendly Competition

These printable sheets make for a super fun, friendly competition! If you can’t think of any activities or want to have a fun night in, these coloring pages will do the trick! You and your friends can have a competition to see who can color their heart the fastest or whose is the best one. Making this activity into a game will ramp up the fun and give you an incentive to color to the best of your ability.

Classroom Quiet Time

If you’re a teacher and need to keep your students occupied, give them these printable coloring pages! You can either have them color quietly by themselves, do a coloring competition, or use these pages as an opportunity to talk about colors. These printable pages can act as a visual aid to show students the different colors and how to color inside the lines (fine motor skills activity). In addition, you can use these pdf files as a guide and have your kids draw different designs on their own. This is a activity for indoor recess or early finishers.

Special Occasions

You can use these coloring pages as Valentine’s Day coloring pages for cards or to make Mother’s Day cards, birthday cards, anniversary cards, thank you cards, or just a random thoughtful card. I like to cut out the heart shape, fold it in half, and write on the plain side. Doing little things like this is a symbol of love and is a great way to show someone you care. Also, if you can’t think of a thoughtful gift or don’t want to spend a ton of money, a fun coloring page with a thoughtful note inside will do the trick,

Work On Your Line Art

I don’t know about you, but line art is tedious and frustrating if you’re not good at it. Since these coloring pages are detailed with mandalas and fine lines, you can trace over the coloring sheet and practice your line art.


Who are these free printable coloring pages for?

Adults, older kids and younger kids can all enjoy these printable heart coloring pages. In addition, if you feel anxious or sad, coloring can boost your mood! These free printable coloring sheets are also great for Valentine’s Day craft.

Are these coloring pages an instant download?

Yes! All you have to do is click the link, and the printable pictures will be downloaded to your device!

Do these coloring pages help with motor skills?

Yes! Coloring is extremely useful for helping kids develop their fine motor skills.

What format do these printables come in?

These printables are in PDF format, so all you have to do is click print!

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