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Rainbow Tree Painted Rock Tutorial

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Rainbow Tree Painted RockSusie here from RockPainting101.com and I’m excited to be guest posting on Color Made Happy! Painting rocks and hiding them around town for others to find is one of my favorite things to do! In my never-ending quest for fun new rock painting ideas, I find myself going back to some of my favorite tutorials and giving them a bit of a twist. This beautiful rainbow tree painted rock was inspired by the apple blossom rock we did last Spring using a dotting technique that is very hard to mess up even for beginning rock painters.

Rainbow Tree Painted Rock Supplies (affiliate links provide for convenience)

Rainbow Tree Painted Rock Directions

Step 1: Start by blocking the colors out on your rock with a light layer of dots. You want to lightly press your paint pens onto your rock. Do not press too hard or the paint will puddle. Make sure to leave space below your bottom layer of color for the trunk.

Step 2: Next, begin adding a second and much thicker layer of dots. Overlap the colors to blend them. Allow this layer of paint to dry completely before adding the trunk.Rainbow Tree Painted Rock

Step 3: Create a triangle at the bottom of the rock for the base of the trunk. Then starting at the top of your tree create branches. Slowly thicken up the branches and trunk as more branches come together. Continue to add branches until you are happy with your tree!Rainbow Tree Painted Rock

Step 4: Finally, fill in and give your trunk base some details and you’re done!Rainbow Tree Painted Rock Rainbow Tree Painted Rock

We love all of our rainbow rock painting ideas, it might just be my favorite theme to paint! See the video tutorial here:

Susie started painting rocks as a fun after-school activity with her little ones. Often she found herself sitting at the table painting long after they had left. Her love of painting rocks sparked her site RockPainting101.com. Where you can find endless rock painting inspiration and tutorials to watch.

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Rainbow Tree Rock Painting Tutorial


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