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Camper Painted Rock Tutorial

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Camper Painted Rock Tutorial

There are so many fun ways to paint rocks. One of my favorite rock painting techniques is to cover the entire rock with a painted rock design. For this camper painted rock tutorial I used paint pens as they are easy to control and work with for a detailed rock painting design. Below I put the exact materials and the step-by-step directions.

Camper Painted Rock Supplies (affiliate links provided for convenience)

  • Paint Pens – The Tooli-Art brand of acrylic paint pens is new to me and I bought them after seeing other rock artists use them. I really like the color selection and the flow of the paint was very smooth. I highly recommend these paint markers. The only difficulty is the initial priming of each pen but you have to do that no matter which paint pens you purchase.
  • Black fine liner pen – These very fine tip pens are great for outlining details on rocks.
  • Silver metallic paint pen
  • Rock – If you can’t find any outside, there are a ton of options online. I used these lighter colored rocks so I didn’t have to paint them white first for the colors to show up bright.
  • Sealant (optional) – I like this option for a glossy finish and this sealant for a matte finishCamper Painted Rock Tutorial



  1. I always start by outlining my design on the rock with a pencil. It creates a good guide for coloring in the finished design.
  2. I first fill in the main parts of the design using paint pens.
  3. Then I add details using metallic paint pens and a black fine liner pen.
  4. Once the main design is completed I look to see what additional details I can add or leave as is. The hardest part is sometimes just stopping before it gets too complicated and over detailed.

Camper Painted Rock Tutorial

Camper Painted Rock Tutorial

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