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Pen and Pencil Storage for Craft Room

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DIY Pen and Pencil Storage for Craft Room It’s incredibly easy to make your own Pen and Pencil storage for your craft room or your desk. You can even create a faux resin look using acrylic storage and clay nail art slices. These nail art slices are also often used in making slime.  I use these nail art fruit slices for a variety of crafts, including DIY keychains. You can also use the clay slices to decorate pumpkins, mason jars, vases and more. If you’re looking for fun and colorful craft room storage for your pens and pencils, this craft is for you.

Supplies for Pen and Pencil Storage Craft (affiliate links provided for convenience)

Directions for DIY Pen Container

  1. Start by adding the glitter paint directly to the acrylic pen holder using a paint brush.
  2. Start with your first color fruit slice and add a partial rainbow to the acrylic container.
  3. If you need to, you can add more glitter paint before adding more fruit slice colors. Pen and Pencil Storage
  4. Once you have the design to your liking you can add additional glitter paint around the design for more sparkle. Pen and Pencil Storage Craft
  5. There’s no need to seal the finished design as the glitter paint keeps a strong hold on the clay slices.
  6. Add your favorite pens and pencils to your finished DIY Pen holder. DIY Pen Holder

This pen holder is a great way to make easy craft storage for your craft room or art space. You can make a series of these DIY pen and pencil holders for all of your art supplies. If you’re looking for more fun way to store your pens and pencils, check out these great mason jar crafts: Fruit Mason Jars and School Supplies Painted mason jars.

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