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Mason Jars Craft for School Supplies

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School Mason Jars Craft for school supplies, back-to-school, teacher appreciation, teachers gifts and classroom decor.

I love school supplies. Who doesn’t. And I have lots of teacher friends so I’m always trying to come up with fun teacher appreciation gifts. I’ve had the idea for this school themed mason jars craft for a long time, but summer has been non-stop with pool days, vacation days, lazy days on the couch, and lots of fort building and fort cleaning up with my son. Now that I have a little time to craft, I finally had a chance to create my vision for  this easy to make mason jar craft for school supplies.

Make These  School Supplies Themed Mason Jar Crafts

These school themed mason jars are perfect for storing all kinds of school supplies and they also happen to make for very cute desk accessories. And when it’s time to go back to school, how adorable would these be to bring as new teacher gifts filled with supplies!

School Supplies Mason Jars Craft - Teacher Appreciation, School Supplies Storage, Teacher Gifts, Classroom Decor

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School Supply Themed Mason Jars Craft Supplies

Crayon box painted on a mason jar

How to Paint School Supplies on Mason Jars: Directions

1. Prime Your Mason Jars

Step 1: Spray your mason jars with a white, flat paint primer. Place jars mouth down on a piece of cardboard outside and spray evenly. You might need two coats of primer, but it dries very quickly.

After white primer has been applied

2. Sketch School Supply Designs With Pencil on to the Mason Jars

Step 2: Sketch out the more complicated designs with a pencil. You’ll end up covering where you draw the face with paint, but I like to sketch it out so I can see the placement of everything.

Sketching the design on in pencil

3. Paint the Jars + Tips

Step 3: Paint the mason jars using acrylic paint. You might need 2-3 layers of paint depending on the thickness of the paint.

(NOTE):For any straight lines you are painting like on the pencil and calculator mason jars, you can use washi tape or painters tape. to help keep the lines straight.

For the lines on the crayon box mason jar I drew them first with a pencil and colored them in with a paint pen. It was much easier than painting since they were thin lines. I also used paint pens to color in the colored crayons on the crayon box. When working with small details on a mason jar, paint markers are key.

Painting the mason jar - washi tape helps keep lines straight

Painted mason jars to look like school supplies - different sized brushes are pictured

Drawing the crayon pattern with paint markers

Painted school supply mason jars without faces

4. Draw the Faces With Pencil

Step 4: Lightly sketch the facial features using a pencil on each mason jar. Drawing the face on in pencil

5. Outline With Paint Pens

Step 5: Trace over the face outlines with paint pens.

Adding finishing touches to the designs

6. For the Apple Themed Mason Jar Craft – Add a Leaf

Step 6: Cut a leaf out of green card stock for the for the apple jar. Glue it onto the jar.

Leaf cut from green paper

7. Optional – Seal the Jars

Step 7 (optional): I don’t usually seal my mason jars, they have held up beautifully in my classroom. However if you do want to use a sealant it can help protect against fading and chipping. You just need to decide if you want a matte or gloss spray sealant.

I love how these mason jars for school supplies turned out! They really would be great for teacher appreciation gifts, classroom decor, school supplies storage and back-to-school teacher gifts. Hope you are feeling inspired to make your own school themed mason jars craft now! I’d love to see what you create. Come show me on Instagram or Facebook! I love to share examples of my tutorials being made!

School Supplies Mason Jars Craft - Teacher Appreciation, School Supplies Storage, Teacher Gifts

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