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Doodle Mason Jar Decorating

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Mason Jar Decorating I love mason jar decorating. Not only is it a cheap and easy craft, but there are so many fun ways to get creative with mason jars crafts. The secret to mason jar decorating is really in how you prep your jars. I always use a flat primer before adding paint or designs. See below under supplies for my favorite primer.

When Artistro sent me these extra fine paint pens to test out, I knew they would be perfect for doodling a mandala on a mason jar. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw how vibrant the colors were and how smoothly they flowed. I also loved that these paint markers worked beautifully on rocks. They can be applied directly to the rock or over a painted background. Mandala doodle jar and doodle rocks

Watch the pens in action here:

MASON JAR DECORATING SUPPLIES (affiliate links are provided for your convenience):

  • Mason Jar – These are slightly taller than the one I used, but perfect because they have a flat side with no writing so they are perfect for doodles and drawings.
  • Spray Primer in Black  – If you want to start with a different color, use a white spray primer instead and then paint over it with acrylic paint.
  • Paint Pens – LOVE these multi-surface paint markers. As you can see the colors were very vibrant on top of the black.
  • Sealant (optional) – I don’t typically seal my mason jars. If you want a shiny finish, I highly recommend this gloss sealant. Or for a matte finish I like this matte spray sealant.


  1. With the mason jar inside down on a piece of cardboard, spray the mason jar with an even coat of black primer.Mason Jar Decorating Spray Primer
  2. You can slightly sketch your design with pencil or draw directly onto the jar with the paint pens.
  3. See below for step-by-step, mandala drawing instructions. Doodle Mason Jar Mandala StepsDoodle Mason Jar Mandala Steps
  4. Leave your jar as is or finish it with a spray on sealant.Doodle Mason Jar Decorating

Hope have found some inspiration for your own doodle mason jars.  Here’s another favorite mason jar craft to give you more ideas on how you can craft with mason jars:

I’d love to see what you create. Come show me on Instagram @Colormadehappyor Facebook!

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