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How to Make Christmas Foil Art

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How to Make Your Own Foil Art for Christmas I’m a HUGE fan of making foil art! In this post I’ll show you how to make foil art for Christmas using my FREE downloadable designs. Once you know how to do it, you can make your own foil art designs or use the ones I’ve provided. And even though I love rainbow colors, you can make your foil art in any colors you like! I’ve provided links to lots of foil color options below under supplies. If you like these Christmas foil designs, check out my other foil art post that has downloadable designs for a llama, whale and flamingo

See my Foil Art FAQs for commonly asked questions that may not be covered in this post.

.DIY Foil Art

Watch the video below to see how make foil art for Christmas and then see the supplies and step-by-step directions in the post so you can make your own.

Foil Art Prints Supplies (affiliate links provided for convenience):

Foil Art Prints Directions

  1. Print your art prints on white cardstock using a laser printer. Use your own or download the Christmas designs I created here: Christmas Tree, Christmas Gnome, and Snowman. If you’re looking for other designs, check out my other foil art post. You might need to reduce or increase the printing % based on the the size of the foil piece you are using.
  2. Cut the foil down to size and place a single piece of art foil over the image. The foil should have the color side up. See above under supplies for my favorite foil colors.How to Make Foil Art Prints
  3. Turn on the laminator and once heated, feed the card stock art print with the foil on top through the laminator. I use my laminator at the 5mm setting. It works on 3mm as well, but I prefer the 5mm setting. I hold the foil in place as it’s going through the printer until it takes hold. How to Make Foil Art Prints
  4. Once through the laminator, slowly peel the foil back from the cardstock. How to Make Foil Art Prints
  5. Preserve your completed foil art prints with a frame and add them to your wall decor. How to Make Foil Art PrintsFoil Art FAQs

    Have questions about foil art? See this post with commonly asked foil art questions.

For more colorful inspiration, head over to my Instagram page or Facebook page And be sure to come share with me pictures of your finished foil art prints. I love sharing projects that were inspired by my tutorials with my followers.How to Make Christmas Foil Art Prints

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