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Foil Art FAQs – How to Use Transfer Foil for Art Prints

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Foil Art FAQsMy foil art posts have been pretty popular and I’ve gotten a lot of the same questions so I thought I’d answer them all here in the foil art FAQs. To see step-by-step tutorials, please see this foil art post and this Christmas foil art post.

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How do you create designs for foil art?

I use an iPad Pro and an Apple Pencil. The apps that I use to create my drawings are Procreate and Adobe Sketch. Adobe Sketch is very easy to use and figure out and is where I initially started drawing my designs, but I’ve since moved to Procreate as it more capabilities and functionality. while Procreate is harder to figure out there are a ton of video tutorials that pretty much cover any and every question you could ever have.

What supplies do I need to create foil art?

Do all laminating machines work?

Not all laminating machine work the same and others have reported issues with their laminating machines. I have had no problems using my inexpensive Amazon Basics laminator.

Do you have to use a laser printer?

Yes! The key to foil art is the toner from laser printer. This is the laser printer I use. An ink-jet will not work. If you don’t have a laser printer you can visit your local office supplies store and print from their laser printers.

Do you have to apply the foil right after the image is printed?

No. I’ve waited and have had no problems.

Can you foil on dark colored paper?

Yes. You just print as you normally would with black ink. The foil will still adhere to the toner just as it does on white paper.

Do you have art designs that can be downloaded?

Yes. I have three downloadable animal designs in this foil art post as well as Christmas designs in this post. I am also working on more designs. To see my designs as soon as they are available, be sure you’re following me on Instagram.

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