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DIY Foil Art Prints – How to Make Your Own Foil Art

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DIY Foil Art PrintsIf I knew how easy it was to make DIY foil art prints, I would have starting making my own years ago. It’s funny because something so beautiful seems like it would be crazy difficult to make. But in reality you only need a few key supplies (that aren’t even very expensive). I’ve also provided from free downloadable art files below to get you started.

Watch the video below to see how I make my own DIY foil art prints and then see the supplies and step-by-step directions in the post so you can make your own.

DIY Foil Art Prints Supplies (affiliate links provided for convenience):

DIY Foil Art DIY Foil Art Prints Directions:

Step 1: Print your art prints on white cardstock using a laser printer. Use your own or download the files I created here: llama, whale, flamingo. You might need to reduce the printing % based on the the size of the foil piece you are using. DIY Foil Art PrintsStep 2: Cut the foil down to size and place a single piece of art foil over the image. The foil should have the color side up. See above under supplies for my favorite foil colors.DIY Foil Art PrintsStep 3: Turn on the laminator and once heated, feed the cardstock art print with the foil on top through the laminator. I hold the foil in place as it’s going through the printer until it takes hold.  DIY Foil Art Prints

DIY Foil Art PrintsStep 4: Once through the laminator, slowly peel the foil back from the cardstock. DIY Foil Art PrintsStep 5: Preserve your completed foil art prints with a frame and add them to your wall decor. DIY Foil Art PrintsSee it’s much easier that it looks. Now that you know how to make your own foil art prints, there are so many fun possibilities. DIY Foil Art PrintsFor more colorful inspiration, head over to my Instagram page or Facebook page And be sure to come share with me pictures of your finished foil art prints. I love sharing projects that were inspired by my tutorials with my followers.

DIY Foil Art Prints

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    1. Unfortunately you need a laminator to make it work. Did you see the one I listed in the post. It’s a pretty affordable option.

    1. Absolutely! You would just need to scan the drawings. They should probably done with black ink though as light colors might not scan well. And I would recommend that they make thicker lines for the drawings.

  1. Love these but I seem to be having an issue with getting the foil to actually stick to print.. it’s very splotche. Any thoughts?

    1. Unfortunately, thinking it must be your laminator. I didn’t have any problems on over 30 prints.

      1. What laminator do you use please ? Iv tried x2 diff ones now and again the foil isn’t sticking to the whole print , it’s just grabbing onto certain areas , thank you

        1. Did you see the one I linked to in the post? It’s the exact one I used. It’s under the Supplies section.

  2. This is a fabulous little project. Looking forward to trying it with a black and white photo! After trialling some picture effects, this should tut out a master piece!

    1. Did you see the one linked in the post? I posted a link to the exact one I used. It’s under the Supplies section.

  3. Do you have to apply the foil right after the image is printed? I don’t have a laser printer, so I would have to go somewhere to have it printed, then bring it home to add the foil.

    1. Ha! Not silly at all. It will only laminate if you add plastic on top. But you’re not adding plastic 🙂

  4. This is awesome! Thanks so much for posting, I’ve made some cool stuff! Do you think it would work if I used black cardstock and had my print be in white lines? Would the foil adhere to the white ink? Does the color of the printing ink matter? Sorry for all the questions, just thought you would be the best person to ask before I buy more foil/cardstock!

    1. It definitely works on black cardstock but you just print black on black…just print your print as normal. The foil adheres to the toner. So glad you’re having fun with it.

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