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Gingerbread House Craft

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Gingerbread House Craft

These adorable gingerbread houses are super easy to make and are a great craft for the holidays. They are easy enough to do with a group at a Christmas party or as a Christmas school craft. Here’s how to make them and the supplies that you need.

Gingerbread House Craft Supplies (affiliate links provided for convince)

Gingerbread House Directions

  1. Start by drawing your design onto the mini pots using a white paint marker. You could always sketch your design on the pot first with pencil if you’re unsure of what to draw.
  2. Add details using colored paint markers.
  3. Paint the tips of a pine cone with acrylic paint and let dry completely.
  4. Add your pine cone to the mini pots.

This gingerbread house craft couldn’t be any easier and is a fun craft for all ages.

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