Painted Rock Ideas – Back to School Rocks

School Supplies Painted Rock Ideas

These back-to-school painted rock ideas are the perfect gift for a new teacher. They are also wonderful to hide as kindness rocks around schools or town. And if you want a cute way to give them as a gift, make

How to Decoupage Rocks with Napkins

How to Decoupage Napkins on Rocks

One of my favorite tutorials from my book, Rock Art Handbook, is how to decoupage rocks with napkins. The finished decoupaged rocks are perfect for beautiful table settings and look great on display throughout your home. The best part is

Glass Crackled Gems

Glass Crackled Gems and Cabochons

I love making my own colorful gems. It all started when I first made these glitter gems and then I made these DIY glass cracked gems. This time I wanted to do some Lisa Frank inspired glass crackled gems and