Turn Watercolor Pencils into a Paint Palette

How to Turn Watercolor pencils into a Paint Palette

It’s actually incredibly easy to turn watercolor pencils into a paint palette. This is a great idea for taking your art and sketchbooks on the go. It’s also a great way to great some fun watercolor coloring pages for the

Galaxy Painted Pencil Pouch

Galaxy Painted Pencil Pouch

I love having lots of pencil pouches on hand for all of my art supplies. Pencil pouches also come in handy when traveling…even if it’s just going out to backyard to do some art. I made these fun pencil pouches

How to Paint Watercolors on Mason Jars

I really love painting on mason jars and typically use acrylic paint. Here are some of my favorite mason jar designs that use acrylic paint: fruit mason jars and school supplies mason jars.  I wanted to see this time if I