Leaf Painting with Puffy Paint

Leaf Painting with Puffy Paints

Fall is such a great time for leaf painting crafts. Some of my other favorite leaf crafts are Watercolor Leaf Painting and Metallic Leaf Painting. The Best Ideas for Kids also has some great leaf painting tutorials for kids. The best part

Colorful Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

Rainbow Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

I don’t typically paint or decorate pumpkin in traditional Halloween colors. I can’t seem but help to make my pumpkins bright and colorful.  I’m also not a huge fan of carving pumpkins so here are a bunch of no-carve colorful

DIY Rainbow Watercolor Painting Monstera Leaves

DIY Watercolor Painting Monstera Leaves

Hi everyone! This is Zakkiya of Inkstruck Studio, and I’m here at Sam’s lovely blog to teach you how to paint gorgeous DIY rainbow watercolor painting monstera leaves. Monstera leaves are beautiful plants and this illustration coupled with a rainbow