How to Make a Pressed Flower Frame

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You can use pressed flowers to decorate just about anything to make a beautiful and colorful craft. For this craft I wanted to make something that was very easy and customizable. I used an enclosed, hanging frame for this pressed flower frame craft but you can use this same concept for a regular frame and decorate the inner or outside of the frame as well.

See below for the step-by-step directions and the best supplies to use to make this dried flower frame. And if you are looking for more pressed flower crafts, check out How to Make a Pressed Flower Jar and How to Make Pressed Flower Bookmarks.

pressed flower frame craft

Supplies for Pressed Flower Frame

Step-by-Step Directions

Step 1. Start by arranging the pressed flowers so you can clearly see all of the options.

Frame and pressed flowers

Step 2. Add the flowers one by one to the frame. I like to start on the perimeter, leaving a small area in the middle for additional embellishments.

NOTE: I don’t use glue as I like the option to change out the design over time. If you find that your flowers are shifting too much when you close the frame or not staying in place, you can add some glue to keep them in place or use glue dots.

Step 3. Don’t be afraid to layer the flowers and leaves as you add them to create a full collage of color.

dried flowers in a frame

Step 4. Once the flower design is to your liking, add additional scrapbook elements on top like butterfly stickers and phrases.

scrapbook details used in  a pressed flower frame

Step 5. Close the frame and hang in a favorite spot.

pressed flower frame craft

This pressed flower craft can be done quickly and easily and is a wonderful option for crafting parties, birthday parties or just when you want to make a fun and easy craft. It’s also a great gift to give for a Mother’s Day gift, birthday gift or hostess gift.

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