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Galaxy Painted Pencil Pouch

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Galaxy Painted Pencil Pouch holding pencils and paint brushes

I love having lots of pencil pouches on hand for all of my art supplies. Pencil pouches also come in handy when traveling…even if it’s just going out to backyard to do some art. I made these fun pencil pouches before but this time I wanted to make a galaxy painted pencil pouch.

Make This Galaxy Pencil Pouch Yourself

The secret to the vibrant colors is to use acrylic ink. Acrylic ink is very easy to apply to canvas material and you only need to use a small amount. See below for the supply list and directions.

Galaxy Pencil Pouch Supplies (affiliate links provided for convenience)

How to Make a Galaxy Painted Pencil Pouch

    • Start by painting the black area of the pencil pouch with acrylic paint. I outlined the area first with a pencil.
    • Add galaxy details. I used these nail dotting tools for the stars. Using the different sized dotting tools will help create size variation for the stars.
    • For the moon, planet and large sizes, use a very small paintbrush.

Step by step instructions for creating the design The black is painted on first for the galax and a paint pen is used for the stars.

Painting the colors

Completed Galaxy Painted Pencil Pouch - it has a rainbow design on the top and black galaxy design with starts on the bottom

What to Put in a Pencil Pouch

Now that you have your finished galaxy painted pencil pouch, fill it with your favorite pens, pencils and art supplies. These pouches are also great for holding makeup brushes and other travel items. Another idea is to use it to hold your phone or money when you’re on the go!

I’d love to see your finished pencil pouch. Whether you do a galaxy design or create your own, come share a pic with me on Instagram @Colormadehappy or Facebook! And don’t forget to check out other pencil pouch designs using acrylic ink for more inspiration.

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