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Halloween Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

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Don’t you love a simple kids craft that can be made with items that you most likely already have on hand? Next time you think about throwing your toilet rolls away don’t! There are so many ways to craft with paper tube rolls including these fun Halloween toilet paper roll crafts. Halloween Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

This is a great craft for young kids, toddlers and preschoolers and would also be a fun craft for a Halloween party. Keep reading below to see how to make a ghost, pumpkin, witch and mummy out of toilet paper rolls. 


Directions for Halloween Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

Pumpkin Paper Roll Craft

Pumpkins make great halloween decorations. Get creative with these paper roll pumpkins and make a whole rainbow of them out of different colors.

  • Take a paper tube roll.
  • Glue a piece of orange paper around it. If you don’t have orange paper on hand you can also use orange paint.
  • Take a same color paper strip and tuck in its both ends in the tissue roll ends respectively.
  • Repeat the same for 2 more strips of the same color paper.
  • Add green paper to the top of the tissue roll to create the stem.
  • Now add black paper to create triangular eyes and a mouth of the craft as shown.

pumpkin craft

Halloween pumpkin toilet paper roll craft

Mummy Paper Tube Craft

Not all Halloween monsters need to be scary. Make some happy and cute toilet paper roll mummies.  

  • Take toilet paper roll and glue thin white paper stripes diagonally on a the lower part of the tissue roll as shown. 
  • Take a cream piece of paper and cut a circle. This will be the head of the mummy. 
  • Glue small white stripes of paper randomly onto the mummy head. Don’t worry about the length of the paper as you can cut the extra paper from around the circle after it’s glued. 
  • Use googly eyes or cut two round circles out of green paper for the eyes.
  • Use a marker to draw the inside of the eyes and the mouth.
  • Color the mummy cheeks with a marker.
  • Glue the circular happy face on the tissue roll above the white stripes in the empty area
  • Draw or make out of paper any additional accessories you’d like to add like a bowtie, hat or glasses.

mummy craft
mummy toilet paper roll craft

Witch Paper Roll Craft

Witches are always a popular Halloween theme and perfect for crafts. 

  • Take a paper roll and glue black paper around it.
  • Next glue a thin strip of green paper horizontally a little below the center of the tissue roll. Add a yellow paper rectangle on the strip along with a small green piece of paper on top of the yellow rectangle to make the belt of the craft as shown.
  • Draw and then cut a circular face out of paper.
  • Cut yellow paper as shown in the images to make the hair of the craft and glue it behind the face circle.
  • Now cut black paper to make the hat of the craft and glue it over the head of the craft with a similar green and yellow belt glued on top. 
  • Bend the upper part of the hat just a bit. 
  • Now draw the witch’s facial features ( like eyes, mouth and cheeks etc) using markers or paint pens.
  • Finally, glue the witch head onto the top of the cardboard tube to complete the halloween craft.witch craft

Ghost Toilet Paper Roll Craft

  • Take a paper tube roll and glue white paper around it.
  • Next take another white piece of paper and cut a ghost shape using scissors.
  • Using markers draw the ghost’s facial features ( like eyes, cheeks, nose, mouth etc)
  • Using scissors cut the bottom of the paper ghost in straight lines as shown and curl the ends.
  • Finally draw a few thin lines over the body of the paper ghost and then glue it onto the tissue roll.

ghost craft

ghost toilet paper roll craftMore fun ways to customize this halloween craft

  • Add some glitter to your designs. 
  • Use yarn instead of paper for the witch’s hair and the mummy wrap. 
  • Use small halloween stickers to add more design to your craft. 
  • Display your finished craft in a mini bowl with some candy treats surrounding it. 
  • Add some plastic spiders to your craft display or draw some onto your paper roll craft with a black marker. halloween toilet paper roll crafts

If you are looking for more crafty ways to use toilet paper rolls, check out this post on how to create a toilet paper roll pen holder

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