15 Ghost Drawing Ideas: How To Draw A Ghost

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While ghosts are very popular for Halloween, you can draw a ghost just about any time of year. Once you get some ideas for various styles of ghost simple shapes you can experiment with ghost faces, accessories and different ghosts themes. Use the ghost drawings below to get inspired to create your own ghost drawing.

Ghost Drawing Ideas

How to Draw a Cute Ghost Tutorial

Learn how to draw a cute ghost with these easy drawing steps.

  1. Start with a simple ghost outline with a curved line at the top for the head of the ghost. Next draw curves that are small at the bottom of the ghost. 
  2. Next add the ghost eyes, keeping small white circles in the upper right corner for the pupils. 
  3. Add a small smile and pink ovals under the eyes for the cheeks. 
  4. Draw the ghost hands in the middle of the ghost outline. 
  5. Add a small pumpkin bucket with candy sticking out the top
  6. Color your cute ghost in with markers, colored pencils, or crayons.How to Draw a Ghost Step by Step

Easy Ghost Drawings

Ghost Holding a Balloon

This ghost is slightly more complicated but still easy to draw. Add a balloon to the ghost hand and write BOO on the inside. This ghost design is easy to turn into a more human silhouette by simply adding shoes to the bottom of the drawing. Ghost holding a balloon

Ghost Cartoon

This cute cartoon ghost is easy to draw once you get the basic shape down. Add accessories like a hat to turn the final drawing to turn the ghost into a witch ghost. You can also add a small pumpkin bucket or a broom. ghost witch

Simple Ghost Drawing

This is an easy ghost doodle that would be perfect for beginners and kids. The basic shape is one that’s easy to follow with a tail on the left side. You can make this a small ghost or a large ghost.

simple cute ghost drawing

Ghost Cat

A ghost cat is a fun halloween drawing idea. You can add just the eyes on the blanket of the cat ghost or you can also draw in whiskers and a small cat nose. If dogs are more to your liking you can take the same concept and turn it into a ghost dog. ghost cat drawing

Ghost Drawing Cute

This cute little ghost isn’t complicated but the simple facial expression with small circles for the eyes and mouth make it adorable. You can draw the ghost holding a pumpkin or any other Halloween themed item.

Halloween ghost holding a pumpkin

Floating Ghost

Draw this easy flying ghost with a simple face expression. Add a simple swirl to the end of the ghost tail.Flying ghost

Magical Ghost

Ghosts don’t have to just be scary. You can make fun ghosts too by adding a theme. This magical ghost holds a moon and has stars for the eyes. If you wanted to add more to the drawing you could also add a wizard hat and a magic wand. ghost holding a moon

Scary Ghost

If you want a ghost look that’s a little more traditional and spooky, try drawing this scary ghost. The waved shape of the ghost body gives the sense of flotation. The key to making the ghost scary is with a definite face that is angry and scary. scary ghost drawing

Avocado Ghost

Do you prefer goofy and sweet over scary creatures? If so try drawing this funny ghost avocado with just a few easy steps. Start first with a ghost drawing on top and then the bottom half of an avocado on the bottom. You can even call it an Aboocado Ghost! ghost avocado

Easy Ghost Illustration

This ghost illustration can be easily changed from friendly ghost to scary ghost by just changing the ghostface.

easy ghost drawing

Ghost Girl Drawing

Add a flower crown and some rosy cheeks to make a sweet female ghost drawing. Place a single flower in her ghost hand or a basket full of flowers. Ghost girl drawing

Vampire Ghost

Maybe your ghost wants to play dress up for Halloween and go trick-or-treating as a ghost vampire? Just add a cute little cape to your ghost, fangs and a bat flying in the sky. vampire ghost drawing

Sweet Ghost

There’s nothing scary about this sweet ghost. The lines at the bottom of the ghost body are to create a  flotation effect.

sweet ghost

Ghost Mail Delivery

This happy ghost is delivering boo’s via mail. The cute looking rucksack is easy to draw and looks just like an envelope. A tiny ghost drawing was added to the front for a fun detail.

Ghost with a bag


How do I draw a ghost?

  • First pick a ghost drawing that inspires you and set it in front of your for reference.
  • First make a ghost sketch using a pencil lightly.
  • After the basic outline  is done, fill in the facial expression and details.
  • Once the drawing is to your liking go over the outline with a fine liner pen and color in any part of the design that need color with markers or colored pencils. sketchpad with ghost drawings

What supplies should I use to draw a ghost?

Aboocado ghost painted ornamentWhat can I do with my finished ghost drawing?

  • Turn your ghost into Halloween decorations by drawing on large poster board or cut out smaller ghosts and hang them from a string.
  • Paint your ghost onto a canvas, rock or wood slice.
  • Turn your ghost into a sticker or temporary tattoo.
  • Draw a ghost on a Halloween greeting card for friends.
  • Fill a sketchbook page with ghost drawing ideas.

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