20+ Cute Christmas Drawing Ideas

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These cute Christmas themed drawings are perfect for kids and adults alike. Use them as inspiration for your winter doodling, or as cute additions to holiday cards, invitations and gifts. Most of these Christmas drawing ideas are easy enough for beginners to try out too.

Drawing is a fun way to unwind creatively, especially around the busy holiday season. Feel free to copy these doodles exactly, or use them as creative inspiration for your own festive drawing ideas for the Christmas season.christmas drawings

20+ Cute Christmas Drawing Ideas for Beginners

Winter Hot Chocolate

Start with a mug, then add in your favorite hot chocolate trimmings like whipped cream and a candy cane. It’s easy to change the mug color and artwork for your own personal touch (that’s super easy to draw).hot chocolate drawing

Christmas Penguin Drawings

Penguins are cute drawings for winter or Christmas-themed! They’re easy to sketch with a bit of practice and look adorable no matter how you pose them.Christmas penguin drawing

Santa in a Chimney

Santa in a chimney is a great Christmas drawing idea for kids or adults; it’s a little bit easier than drawing a full-bodied Santa Claus drawing.Santa in the chimney drawing

Rudolph the Reindeer Drawing

It’s not Christmas without Rudolph to lead the way in Santa’s sleigh. This cute Rudolph drawing can be used for any reindeer drawing by just switching out the red nose for a black, smaller nose. You can even add ornaments or string lights in the antlers for added details.

Rudolph reindeer drawing

Snow Globe Christmas Red Car Drawing Idea

Snow globes are perfect doodle ideas for Christmas because you can draw anything inside them. I chose a Christmas red car for this one with a pine tree on top, but you can add your own creative touch. Don’t forget to add the snow!snow globe drawing

Colorful Christmas Snowman

A snowman is another super easy Christmas drawing idea, and one that’s easy to customize with a few simple changes. Try drawing one with fun, bright colors for a cheerful winter creation.colorful Christmas snowman

Traditional Christmas Bells Drawing

There’s something magical about Christmas traditions! To make your gold bells more Christmassy, tie them together with a festive red bow.Christmas bells drawing

Polar Bear

Polar bears are cute winter animals and so much fun to doodle. I made mine Christmas themed by adding a seasonal scarf and candy cane, but a Santa hat would look cute too!polar bear drawing

Gingerbread Man Cookie

This is another Christmas drawing idea that’s super easy to recreate for beginners! Once you have the outline down you can easily ‘decorate’ the gingerbread cookie any way you like. To give the doodle an icing effect, leave a white outline around the cookie shape when you color it in. gingerbread man cookie drawing

Christmas Stocking Drawing

Once you have your Christmas stocking drawings done, fill it up with some toys and candy. Try drawing a different stocking for every member of your family! Christmas stocking drawing

Merry Christmas Gnome Drawings

Gnomes are cute anytime of year! To make yours look festive, give him some gloves and a holiday themed hat. I also added a Merry Christmas sign to mine; this doodle would be cute on a holiday card.Christmas gnome drawing

Santa Hat

Santa hats are easy to draw, but you can make yours look even better by adding a few details. Use zigzags to give the pompom and hat base a fuzzy texture. You can also add embellishments like holly to make it even more festive.santa hat drawing

Christmas Elves

Characters are a bit trickier for beginner artists but simple doodles like this Christmas Elf are a great way to practice. To make your drawing more elf-like use small proportions, a big hat with a pompom, and add scrolls to the shoes.Christmas elf drawing

Christmas Angel Drawing

Christmas angels are cute drawing ideas for this time of year. You can draw the angel body in any style you like as long as fluffy wings and a halo are included. To make your drawing look more like a Christmas angel, use a festive colored dress and add pink circles to make the cheeks look rosy.Christmas angel drawing


Every snowflake is unique so feel free to get creative with this drawing inspiration. Try experimenting with different patterns using lines and geometric shapes. Tip: if you’re struggling to make your snowflake symmetrical, use a ruler to create your basic guides with a pencil then draw on top.snowflake drawing

Warm Winter Mittens

Since the mitten outlines are easy to draw these are a great way to get creative with patterns instead. Once you’re done, ‘tie’ the mittens together with a heart for a cute touch.winter mittens drawing

Christmas Tree Ornaments Drawing

To draw a bauble style Christmas tree ornament, first start with your basic ornament. This can be round (great for beginners), pointed, or any unique shape you want. From there, add your design and color it in. Don’t forget to add a hook to the top so the ornament looks like it’s hanging.ornament drawing

Christmas Gift Drawings With Tag

Christmas gifts are super cute and easy to draw with practice. Once you have the basic Chirstmas present down, try different box shapes, ribbon styles, and colors in your drawings. Christmas present gift

Christmas Tree With Presents

Hard to get more Christmas themed than a Christmas tree! Use this drawing idea to create your own holiday tree, complete with Christmas star on top whatever decorations you can dream up. To finish the drawing, add a tree skirt and a few gifts waiting to be unwrapped.

For a fun holiday art idea, draw a bigger Christmas tree and decorate it by combining techniques from the Christmas gift and ornament doodles.Christmas tree drawing with decorations

Gingerbread House

This gingerbread house drawing idea looks complicated but is actually simple to recreate. First, start with your gingerbread house shape outline. Next, draw the windows door, snow covered roof, and chimney. Finally, add candy-inspired decorations as a finishing touch.gingerbread house drawing

Santa’s Sleigh

Great on its own or as a starting point for other Christmas drawings! Try adding a scroll design and accents in gold to make it look more fancy.santa sleigh drawing

Christmas Wreath Drawings

The fun in this drawing comes from the details. Add a simple ribbon, or use it as a base to create a bunch of different holiday wreaths in your sketchbook.Christmas wreath drawing

North Pole Sign

Which way to the North Pole? Add some snow to the sign to make it look like you’re not far from Santa’s Workshop.North Pole sign drawing

Best Supplies for Christmas Drawings

What To Do With Finished Christmas Drawings

  • Frame your finished Christmas drawing to add Christmas decorations for your home.
  • Create an entire page of Christmas drawing ideas and then have friends over for a drawing party .
  • Leave a drawing for Santa on Christmas morning and ask him to draw a picture in return.
  • Use the drawing for Elf on the shelf activities.
  • Turn your Christmas drawing into gift tags for wrapped presents.
  • Wrap presents in plane colored wrapping paper and then add a Christmas doodle on top to create your own personalized wrapping paper.

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