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Turn Watercolor Pencils into a Paint Palette

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It’s actually incredibly easy to turn watercolor pencils into a paint palette. This is a great idea for taking your art and sketchbooks on the go. It’s also a great way to great some fun watercolor coloring pages for the kiddos. See below for my recommended products as well as my favorite watercolor pencils. How to Turn Watercolor pencils into a Paint Palette


How to for Turn Watercolor Pencils into a Paint Palette

  • Using a drawing template, color in a circle for each watercolor pencil you want to use. 
  • With your water brush, add a small amount of water to each colored circle to get the pigment on your brush. Have a paper towel on hand so you can clean your brush in between using each color. The reason that I prefer a water brush (not shown in the pic) over a regular watercolor brush, is because it’s the perfect brush to bring on the go so you don’t need a separate cup of water on hand.

  • I liked using a stencil for this project but you can also just create a bunch of blank pages with a paint palette at the top. How to Turn Watercolor pencils into a Paint Palette

I’d love to see how you create your own watercolor pencil palettes. Come share a pic with me on Instagram @Colormadehappy or Facebook.

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