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DIY Christmas Wrapping Paper

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.DIY Christmas Wrapping PaperNeed a holiday gift wrapping idea that is quick and easy? This DIY Christmas wrapping paper idea centers around using a colorful stamp pad to make your designs on the wrapping paper. I love using a stamp pad because it’s no fuss, easy clean-up. Plus, there are no brushes involved! All you need are your trusty fingers, and you can craft this project up in minutes!

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What You’ll Need for this DIY Christmas Wrapping Paper (affiliate links provided for convenience)

  1. White Wrapping Paper – You can use any type of paper that you’d like, but this is my favorite!
  2. Stamp Pad – Colorful petal stamp pads or these multi-color stamp pads are great options. (The stamp pad I used is no longer available).
  3. Sharpie Pens – These work great for adding details and hand lettering.

How to make this fun fingerprint wrapping paper

  1. Grab your present and take out the white wrapping paper and lay it flat on the table. Wrap the gift, making sure to wrap the paper tightly and neatly around the present for maximum surface area to paint. (Tip: If you’re giving a gift that requires a bag, find a plain whitebag and do the same thing. Your family will love it!)
  2. Get your stamp pad(s) ready and set them out beside you. I also place some baby wipes nearby so that fingers can be cleaned as to not color mix the stamp pad colors.
  3. Stamp either your finger (I found my thumb worked best) or your kids’ fingers into the stamp pad and begin making your design. NOTE: I wiped my fingers between every few colors so that I wouldn’t mix the colors together on the stamp pad.
  4. After you’ve stamped your design, whip out those trusty Sharpie pens and draw any finishing touches onto the paper like the holiday light strand or add a colorful written message.
  5. I also added one of my DIY Glitter Ornaments and taped it to the paper using washi tape for an extra flair. This is totally optional.DIY Christmas Wrapping Paper

The thing I love about this craft is that it’s so easy yet so personal. If you know the person who’s getting the gift loves snowmen, you can do a cute snowman design! I love doing DIY crafts like these because they show you put extra thought.DIY Christmas Wrapping Paper

The best part of this craft is letting your kids in on the action. I know kids love getting their hands dirty and this DIY Wrapping Paper is the perfect way to do it! They can show off their creative skillsand give a thoughtful gift to a loved one!

If you find yourself doing this DIY Christmas wrapping paper, tag me on social media. One of my favorite things about Color Made Happy is getting to see the fun twists you take on my crafts.

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