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DIY Festive Wrapping Paper

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DIY Festive Wrapping PaperTired of boring wrapping paper? Well, you’ve come to the right place! I partnered with Arteza to bring you this fun and creative way to make a DIY Festive Wrapping Paper (AD).This project only requires a few materials and is so easy to do!

Try this easy wrapping paper craft

This craft centers around using using paint pens to make your designs on the wrapping paper. I love using paint pens because it’s no fuss, easy clean-up, and it’s even easy for kids to use.

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One of my favorite things about Christmas is the fun crafts that come with the season! Doing something like making DIY Festive Wrapping Paper adds a little extra touch to that perfect gift you’ve purchased for the loved ones in your life. Whether you’re giving a little something to your children’s teachers, wrapping a present for a work party, or getting ready to wrap up presents for yourlittles, this festive wrapping paper adds a personal touch. Deck the halls with this DIY Festive Wrapping Paper that will leave your gift recipients speechless!

Supplies (affiliate links provided for convenience)

How to Make your own Christmas Wrapping Paper

  1. Grab the present of your choice to be wrapped.
  2. Take out the Kraft brown wrapping paper and lay it flat on the table. Wrap the gift, making sure to wrap the paper tightly and neatly around the present for maximum surface area to paint. (Tip: If you’re giving a gift that requires a bag, find a  and do Kraft bag and do the same thing. Your family will love it!)
  3. Start by drawing a mason jar outline with your paint pens. I drew mine first in pencil. Don’t worry about it being perfect. The idea is just to have fun with it.Wrapping paper DIY
  4. Next draw a string of lights. You can make the lightbulbs any color theme you like. They definitely help make the picture come together.
  5. Draw your favorite character or item inside the mason jar. The snowman is a great and easy option. If you want something more fun, a Christmas avocado is a crowd-pleaser. DIY Festive Christmas Wrapping Paper
  6. Add snowflakes add any other fun details. You can even draw a Christmas gift tag. Draw whatever your heart desires so have fun with it!
  7. For a little extra flair add a mini wreath or a mini knit or Santa hat. This is totally optional.DIY Festive Wrapping Paper DIY Festive Wrapping Paper

I love doing DIY crafts like these because they show you put extra thought into the gift without breaking the bank or spending too much time. It also puts a fun, creative twist on traditional wrapping paper.DIY Festive Christmas Wrapping Paper

If you find yourself doing this DIY festive wrapping paper, tag me on social media so I can see what you came up with! One of my favorite things about Color Made Happy is getting to see the fun twists you take on my crafts. I love seeing your creations so keep crafting and stay colorful!

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