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How to Paint Watercolors on Mason Jars

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How to paint with watercolors on mason jars

I really love painting on mason jars and typically use acrylic paint. Here are some of my favorite mason jar designs that use acrylic paint: fruit mason jars and school supplies mason jars.  I wanted to see this time if I could figure out a way how to use watercolors on mason jars. This watercolor mason jar was not only easy to make, but it looks beautiful on display and is perfect for holding my art supplies. See below for directions on how to make your own watercolor mason jar.

How to Paint Watercolors on Mason Jars

Supplies for Watercolor Mason Jar Painting (affiliate links provided for convenience)

Directions for Painting Watercolors on Mason Jars

  • Start by prepping your mason jars with this White Spray Paint + Primer. I put my mason jars upside down on cardboard outside when I spray them. The key is to not get the can too close to the jar and to keep continual movement as you spray the jar. Easter Mason Jars
    • I love how these neon watercolors look on the mason jar. When applying the watercolors, I don’t get my brush very wet. If your brush is too wet, the watercolors won’t adhere to the jar. You want to saturate the brush with mostly paint. In some areas, I had to layer and reapply the watercolor to keep it from puddling. 
  • Once the background is to your liking and dry, add the mountains with a black paint pen.
  • I filled in the mountain area using mini-mandala designs.
  • For a finishing touch, I painted the top of the mason jar with gold acrylic paint.
  • I didn’t seal my finished mason jar design but if you want to, I suggest using this glossy sealant.

Your finished mason jar is perfect for storing pens, pencils and more.

How to Paint a Mason Jar with Watercolors

Are you ready to create your own watercolor painted mason jar? I’d love to see what you paint. Come share with me your finished design on Instagram page or Facebook page. I love sharing when others create one of my tutorials!How to use Watercolors on Mason Jars

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