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Christmas Painted Rock Volkswagen Bus

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This Christmas painted rock was inspired after seeing this beautiful Volkswagen bus cookie made by Liz Adams of Arty McGoo. I love making painted rocks! They’re great options for handmade Christmas gifts – and this Christmas rock painting idea is definitely a unique way to spread holiday cheer this year.  See below for the best rock painting supplies to use and the step-by-step rock painting tutorial.

Christmas Painted Rock Volkswagen VW Bus

Supplies for VW (Volkswagen) Bus Christmas Painted Rock

I love making painted rocks because you don’t really need many supplies. Some of these you might already have at home if you’re a crafter. Just in case, here’s what I used to make this VW bus Christmas craft.


Paint Pens

Sealant (optional)

  • I like this sealant because it gives a very glossy finish.

Vintage inspired Christmas Painted Rock Volkswagen Bus

Directions to Paint a Volkswagen Christmas Rock Craft

Painting a Volkswagen bus or van is actually way easier than it looks! Here’s the quick step by step instructions on how to make this VW painted rock craft yourself – or keep scrolling for more detailed instructions with pictures.

  1. Draw the van outline on your rock with pencil.
  2. Add details.
  3. Add presents to the top of the VW van for Christmas.
  4. Add the aqua color to the bottom V shape of the van.
  5. Color in the blinkers red and the headlights/bumper silver.
  6. Paint the large curved area white.
  7. Add silver to windows and the line that separates the van’s front and roof.
  8. Paint the tires black.
  9. Add a Christmas wreath to the front of the Volkswagen and greenery.
  10. Color in white roof and windshield wipers.
  11. Add details on the greenery and paint some presents red.
  12. Finish the presents and add more details.
  13. Outline in black.
  14. Seal the rock.

Outline the VW Van

With a pencil, draw the outline of the van. Add the bumper, tires, windows, and a curved V symbol in the front.

Drawing the Volkswagen Bus outline on a rock

Create Headlights

Next add two larger circles for headlights and two smaller circles for blinkers.

Add Christmas Packages to the Top of the VW Bus

Add several packages on top of the van, accompanied by a few stray ornaments.

VW bus outlined on a rock with details

Apply Colors to Your Volkswagen Bus Rock Painting

  • Color the section of the van that is below the curved V in aqua.
  • Color the bumper and headlights in silver.
  • Color the blinkers in red.

Painting the front bumper

Paint the White Areas

Color the section above the curved V in white.

Painting the large areas of the bus in white

Add Details to Your Christmas Themed Volkswagen Van

  • With the green, add a garland slightly covering the bumper.
  • Add a wreath in the center of the van and draw little red dots for holly berries on the wreath.
  • Color the windows of the van in silver and the tires black. (I rounded out the corners of the windows)

Adding Christmas decorations to our Volkswagen Bus painted rock

Finish Painting the Large Areas of the Volkswagen Van

  • Add small gold dots for ornaments across the garland.
  • Color the top of the van white and add a silver curved line slightly above the windows.
  • Color the red presents on top of the car.
  • Color small window wipers on the windows in white. 

Almost complete VW van rock painting - just missing the rest of the gifts and some details now

Add Details to Presents and Christmas Ornaments

  • Color the other presents in white and add red polka dots and a red bow for decoration. On the red presents, add white stripes and white bows for decoration. 
  • Color in the ornaments with gold and add a small string of gold ornament garland going from one side of the van to the other. 
  • Add several sprigs of evergreen tucked in between the ornaments and the presents. 

Completed painted Christmas VW bus rock before outlining

Outline and Seal Your VW Rock Painting

First outline the entire rock in black. Then spray with sealant to complete the rock.

Completed Christmas Painted Rock Volkswagen Bus craft with black outlining

I would love to see your version of this Christmas VW bus painted rock. Come share with me a picture of your finished rock on Instagram or Facebook! I love showing examples of my tutorials being made!

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