Puffy Paint DIY Phone Cases

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DIY Puffy Paint Phone CasesThis a sponsored post written by me on behalf of the Tulip brand. The opinions, text and creative content are all my own. Affiliate links are also provided for your convenience. I hope this DIY phone cases made with dimensional fabric paint inspire you to make your own! 

I’m becoming quite obsessed with wanting to use puffy paint on just about everything I craft. I’ve now used it to paint and decorate rocks (check out my puffy paint rock post here and how I used it for sugar skull rocks here) and I also really loved how it looked on these Christmas ornaments I made. That’s why I thought it would be absolutely perfect for making some fun and colorful DIY phone cases.

Watch the video here and see the supply list and directions below:

Supplies for Puffy Paint DIY Phone Cases

Directions for Puffy Paint DIY Phone Cases

Butterfly DIY Phone Case

  • Start with a clear phone case.
  • With white dimensional fabric puffy paint, create a butterfly outline on the phone case .
  • Starting with red puffy paint on the far side of each wing, create a line of color from the top to bottom on the wing. Add additional colors in rainbow order. As you add more colors you can make change the thickness of the lines depending on how much room you have left.
  • Using a toothpick, create a petal design within each wing by dragging a toothpick. Wipe off the toothpick each time. 
  • Repeat the above two steps on each wing.
  • Using gold metallic dimensional paint, add butterfly antennae and body dots.

Puffy Paint DIY Phone Case

Mandala DIY Phone Case

Mandala designs are easy to create with dimensional fabric paint on phone cases. You can create a single, large mandala design or smaller mandala style designs. Mandala designs would also be beautiful on a colored phone case, using white dimensional fabric paint for the design. Puffy Paint DIY Phone CasePuffy Paint DIY Phone Case

Dotted DIY Phone Case

If you want a design that looks beautiful yet is very easy to create, try this dotted phone case design.

  • Choose a variety of dimensional fabric paint colors.
  • Begin with the first color at the top of the phone case.  Be sure to add both large and small dots to create dimension. 
  • With the next color, mix the dots within the preceding color.
  • Continue the steps above down with each color as you move to the bottom of the case. Puffy Paint DIY Phone CasePuffy Paint DIY Phone CasePuffy Paint DIY Phone CasePuffy Paint DIY Phone Case

For more colorful inspiration, head over to my Instagram page or Facebook page And be sure to come share with me pictures of your finished phone cases. I love sharing projects that were inspired by my tutorials with my followers

.Puffy Paint DIY Phone Cases

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