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25 Christmas Rock Painting Ideas

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Whether you’re new to rock painting or you’ve created lots of painted rocks, here are some great Christmas Rock Painting ideas to get you excited for the holidays. Holiday painted rocks are a great way to create a personalized handmade Christmas gift. You can even turn small painted rocks into beautiful painted rock ornaments.

25 Christmas rock painting ideas

Supplies for to Recreate These Christmas Rock Painting Ideas

Christmas Rock Painting Ideas Inspiration

When possible, artists or tutorials are linked for each picture so you can make these yourself.

Rudolph Rock Painting

Reindeer Painted Rocks

Rudolph Painted Rocks by Jennifer Sudduth. This is a cute way to take a simple design and make it more interesting. Use a dotting pen to make the lights!

Blue Snowflake Ladybug Painted Rocks

Snowflake Ladybug Painted Rocks

Snowflake Bug Painted Rocks by Lorybugrocks. This winter painted rock idea is super simple to recreate and you can get creative with the snowflake design.

Happy Snowman Painted Rock Idea

Snowman painted rock

Snowman painted rock by Wickery Rocks. This cute snowman is throwing his hat in the air because he’s happy it’s snowing.

Gingerbread House Rock Painting Ideas

Painted Rock Gingerbread Houses

Gingerbread house rocks tutorial by Color Made Happy. This is one of my tutorials – I love how colorful they are.

Christmas Santa Painted Rock

Various Christmas hat santa rock painting ideas

A collection of Santa painted rocks by Ayten Tezcanl. So many ideas here to paint Santa on differently shaped rocks!

The Grinch Christmas Rock Painting Idea

Grinch painted rock

Grinch painted rock (artist unknown). Since there’s no tutorial, I’d recommend just trying to recreate the design yourself. It looks like glittery paint is used  for the green – then draw the face on with paint markers for an easy Christmas rock painting idea.

Snowman Painted Rocks

Assorted snowman face Christmas Rock Painting Ideas

Snowman rock painting ideas by Debbie Johnston. You can make every snowman painted rock different for a cute display idea.

Christmas Gnome Rock Painting Ideas

Various Christmas Gnome Rock Painting Ideas

Christmas gnome rock ornaments tutorial by Color Made Happy. Another one of my tutorials! These gnome rocks make great Christmas ornaments and decorations.

Cute Gingerbread House Rock Painting Idea

Gingerbread House Painted rock

Gingerbread house painted rock tutorial by StepbyStepStones. I love all the colors in this gingerbread rock painting idea!

Line Art Snowman Painted Rock

Snowman painting on a rock

Snowman Painted Rock by Leilani Holverson. If you’re better with a pen than a brush this painted snowman rock is for you. Just paint the base a solid color of your choosing then draw on the snowman in black with a paint marker.

Vintage Camper Rock Painting Tutorial

Vintage camper decorated for the holidays painted on a rock

Color Made Happy vintage camper rock painting tutorial.  Vintage campers are so cute!

Cute Santa Painted Rock

Cute Santa rock painting idea

Easy Santa painted rock by Smile Bugs. This Santa rock painting idea looks complicated but it’s actually really easy to craft yourself.

Snowy Winter Village Rock Painting Idea

Christmas village Rock Painting Ideas

Snowy village painted rock by L’atetier de Prun’Elle. This is such a cute way to paint on a larger rock. You could even turn it into a Christmas present or holiday greeting!

Snowman Christmas Tree Painted Rock

Snowman decorating a Christmas tree rock painting

Snowman painted rock by Rock in Surprise. This is another easy Christmas painted rock idea! I like snowman designs because you can use them to decorate for winter, not just Christmas.

Red Holiday Decorated Barn Rock Painting

Barn decorated for the holidays rock painting

Beautiful holiday painted rock by Theresa Frank Art. This beautiful holiday themed rock painting idea would be so cute recreated as a Christmas gift or just to use in your holiday decorating.

Adorable Christmas Painted Rock Ideas

Cute Christmas rock painting ideas

Christmas painted rocks tutorials by Color Made Happy. This post has a bunch of my Christmas painted rock ideas so you can make your own! Plus there are kid friendly designs too.

Christmas Eve Painted RockChristmas even scene painting on a rock

Winter Painted Rock by Hand Painted Andrea. This painted rock is absolutely stunning. They used a large rock and painted an elaborate Christmas eve scene – completed with Santa flying overhead!

Colorful Snowman Winter Rock Painting

How to paint a colorful snowman on a rock

Colorful snowman rock by Magical Pebble. I love the way they did the fuzzy hat and gave this snowman colorful accessories.

North Pole Painted Rock Design Idea

Easy north pole painted rock idea

North Pole painted rock tutorial by Ruffles and Rain Boots. This design is super easy! It would make a great idea for kids to paint.

Christmas Penguin Rock Painting Ideas

Penguin Christmas rock painting idea

Christmas penguin rocks by Yogisowl. This penguin rock painting idea has two different penguin designs that you can recreate! I love how they added them to a Christmas ornament for a cute gift idea.

Painted Snowman Rock Snowglobe

Snowman painted rock snow globe

Snowman rock in a bottle by Kozzi Mozzi Handmade. What a cute Christmas craft idea for kids! The snowman is stuck in a blizzard.

Christmas Hat Grinch Faces Painted Rock Ideas

Assorted Rock Painting Ideas to make Christmas hat Grinch Faces

The Grinch painted rock ideas by Jennifer Sudduth. This is a great photo if you’re looking for Grinch faces inspiration!

Kawaii Christmas Rock Painting Ideas

Easy Kawaii Christmas Painted Rocks

Kawaii Christmas painted rocks by Smile Bugs.  These kawaii rock ideas have cute (kawaii means cute, if you didn’t know) eyes and faces.

Winter Scene Paintings on Rocks

Holiday scenes painted on rocks

Winter painted rocks by Lakeshore Rock Art. So many different winter rock painting ideas in this picture! The winter scenes are really pretty, or paint the cute Santas if you want an easy rock painting idea for Christmas.

Snowman Face Painted Rocks for Winter

Snowman painted rock inspiration

Snowman rock art by Creativity for Days. This is a super easy and cute way to paint snowman faces on rocks!

Easy Patchwork Christmas Tree Painted Rock DesignPatchwork Christmas tree rock painting idea

Patchwork Christmas Tree Tutorial by Rock Painting 101. This patchwork Christmas tree was painted on with paint pens for an easy, mess free craft idea.

25 Christmas rock painting ideas

I hope you’re inspired to create your own Christmas and holiday painted rocks. I would love to see what you create. Come share with me your finished winter rock painting ideas on Instagram or Facebook for a chance to get featured.

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