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Christmas Painted Rocks Tutorial

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Christmas Painted Rocks

Had so much fun making these festive Christmas painted rocks. Below I’m sharing some of my top tips and tricks for creating beautiful art on rocks along with some of my favorite supplies that I used to make these Christmas rocks.

Painted Rock Supplies (affiliate links provided for convenience)

Tips for Christmas Painted Rocks

  • I always start by sketching out my designs on paper. I like to use this mixed media sketchbook
  • Once I decide which designs I want to do on the rocks, I next sketch the design onto the rocks using a pencil. To see the full tutorial for this Christmas camper painted rock hereChristmas Painted Rocks
  • Using a mixture of paint and paint pens, I fill in my design. For skin tones, I’ve found that this skin tone paint pen set is amazing and has the perfect skin tone colors.  Christmas Painted Rocks
  • Once my designs are filled in with color and dry, I go back and outline them with a micron black fine liner pen to help the design standout. 
  • If you’d like to seal your rock you can use this glossy sealant and spray it lightly and evenly over the entire rock. Penguin Painted RockChristmas Painted RocksHope you’re inspired to paint your own Christmas painted rocks. If you’re looking for more rock painting inspiration, check out my bestselling book “Rock Art Handbook“. The book has over 30 tutorials for all kinds of ways to decorate rocks.

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