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Thanksgiving Painted Rocks

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Thanksgiving Painted Rocks

With Halloween behind us, everyone is starting to think about all the fun (and yummy!) traditions Thanksgiving holds. Every family is different, but we think we have a Thanksgiving craft that is bound to be a family favorite. Not only is this Thanksgiving painted rocks craft fun, but it’s easy and simple. (And oh so colorful!)

Cute DIY Thanksgiving Painted Rocks Idea

Thanksgiving is one of our favorite times of the year and what better way to celebrate than to spend time together painting rocks. These colorful fall painted rocks are a favorite craft here at Color Made Happy and we have no doubt you’ll love them too. This is one of our favorite activities for Thanksgiving and it’s a great way to involve your whole family in a craft.

Fall Painted Rock Idea - there is a heart that looks like a quilt with a bunch of fall themes

(Tip: In fact, you can even pre-paint the rocks before your Thanksgiving celebration and have all of your guests write down what they’re thankful for on the back of the rock). It’s a fun way to do an easy, stress-free activity and one that your guests will love.)

Supplies for Thanksgiving Painted Rocks

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How to Paint Colorful Thanksgiving Rocks

1. Clean off the Rocks

You’ll want your surface to be as clean and smooth as possible. Wash off the rocks and let them sit in a dry place until they’re dry. If you try painting them when they’re even a little bit wet, the paint might not stick.

2. Plan Your Designs

Sketch your designs first on a piece of paper. I find it easier to have an idea before I start drawing on the rocks.

Thanksgiving art design inspiration - my planned designs on a piece of paper

3. Sketch on the Rock

Then sketch an outline with pencil onto the rock. You don’t have to worry about details yet, you just want the basic outline on the rock.

Design sketched on a rock with pencil

4. Apply a Base Coat of White Paint

Using white acrylic paint, fill in the outline on your rock. This step will help make the colors pop when you add them to the rock. Especially on darker rocks this step is important!

Rocks with the base white coat on them - it is not on the whole rock, just the design

5. Fill in Your Design

Fill in the white outline with color using acrylic paint and/or paint markers.

Covering the white paint with colors to create a design

6. Add Details

If you want to put more details on your design wait for the first layer of paint to dry first. Then use a fine brush or paint marker.

Adding details to the design

7. Outline the Design

Use a black fine liner pen to outline your design and fill in any details.

DIY Thanksgiving Painted Rocks - completed photo of several designs

8. Seal the Rocks

Once your Thanksgiving painted rocks are complete, you can seal your rocks with a spray sealant.

Easy Thanksgiving Painted Rocks – Quick Step by Step

  1. Clean the rocks or purchase them pre-washed.
  2. Sketch out your designs onto a piece of paper.
  3. Draw your designs on the rocks.
  4. Fill in the design with white acrylic paint. Let it dry.
  5. Use paint or paint markers to create your design.
  6. Add fine details after the previous coat has dried.
  7. Outline the design with a black paint marker.
  8. Seal the rocks with a spray sealant.

What to do After Painting Thanksgiving Rocks

On the back of the rocks you can write out what you’re thankful for. Whether you decide to paint a bunch of fall painted rocks for the Thanksgiving table for your guests to write on or whether you make it a craft with just you and your kiddos, this is a perfect way to reflect on all the things you’re grateful for. In fact, there are some who might run out of rocks because of all the things they’re grateful for. Be sure to keep plenty of rocks on-hand for everyone to paint throughout the whole day.

Keep them somewhere special– This is one craft you’ll want to keep year after year. Whether you fill up a jar with rocks or line them up on your windows, you’ll want to keep this someplace where you can look at it and remember all those Thanksgiving memories.

Thanksgiving Rock Painting Ideas

Here’s some Thanksgiving themed rock painting inspiration for you! You can come up with your own designs or recreate one of these with your own unique style.

Thanksgiving Painted Rocks ideas - there are 6 different designs

And that’s it! This craft is so easy it’s guaranteed to be a family favorite year after year. Not only is it cheap, it’s colorful and simple. We know how busy the Thanksgiving season can get so we’re all about keeping it so simple you can do it in less than an hour.

(Tip: You can even make it a competition to see who can get the most creative with their painted rock or have your guests paint what they’re grateful for instead of writing it on the rock. Have a game where you see who can guess what everyone else is grateful for. It will have all your guests laughing and having a blast in no time!)

Looking for more Thanksgiving crafts ideas? Check out these Thanksgiving Turkey flower pots. Be sure to tag us on social media if you decide to do this fun, colorful craft. We can’t wait to see where your creativity takes you! And as always, thank you for being part of the Color Made Happy community. Enjoy your holiday and be safe!

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