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20 Valentine’s Day Rock Painting Ideas

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Valentine's Day Rock Painting IdeasSince Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, I decided to round up my favorite Valentine’s Day Rock Painting Ideas from some amazing rock painters and artists ! Hopefully, you will be inspired by these beautiful Valentine’s Day painted rocks and paint some rocks of your own!

Supplies for Valentine’s Day Painted Rocks (affiliate links provided for convenience)

  1. Rocks
  2. Acrylic Paint
  3. Paint Pens
  4. Sealant

Valentine’s Day Rock Painting Ideas and Inspiration – Artists or tutorials are linked for each picture

Valentine’s Day Heart Painted Rock Ideas

Mojorocksli – These patchwork quilt-painted rocks are sure to steal your heart this Valentine’s Day! Each rock has a different color quilted heart painted in a gradient effect and the word “love” makes it look like a strand of thread being sown by a needle. Valentine's Day Rock Painting Ideas

Napa Rocks – These colorful heart painted rocks would make cute little presents to give out to friends for Valentine’s Day or to leave around town as kindness rocks. Add little details like the black lines to make them look stitched together. Valentine's Day Rock Painting Ideas

Color Made Happy – This neon rainbow mandala heart painted rock is a fun way to use jelly roll pens on rocks for intricate designs and details.Tips and Supplies for Doodling on Rocks

Affinity Stones – These 70s-inspired painted rocks are painted with a wide array of colors! Give these out as party favors as a unique little gift this Valentine’s Day!Valentine's Day Rock Painting Ideas

Heart Painted Rocks (Credit Unknown) – These rainbow heart painted rocks have beautiful rainbow prisms painted on them in the shape of a heart with a tiny heart inside, perfect for Valentine’s Day painted rocks!  

Debbie Rabinowitz – Each of these rocks has a colorful heart painted on it. There are so many fun ways to make heart painted rocks. These rocks will surely inspire you if you love happy and bright things!Valentine's Day Painted Rocks

Color Made Happy – Travel to a galaxy far, far away this Valentine’s Day with this galaxy heart rock! If you’re not into the traditional pink and red painted rocks, this rock painting idea is perfect for you! It combines blue, black, purple, and white to create a mesmerizing galaxy to gaze at!Valentine's Day Rock Painting Ideas

Artistro – Have someone in your life who’s the key to your lock? These Valentine’s Day rocks are created using Artistro paint pens! One of the rocks has a key painted on it, and the other has a heart-shaped lock on it. Split-up this set and give one rock to a loved-on while you keep the other. 

Valentine's Day Painted RocksOther Creative Valentine’s Day Painted Rock Ideas

Creativity for Days – This colorful collection of penguins, lips and hearts are great inspiration for Valentine’s Day painted rocks.Valentine's Day Painted Rocks

The Painted Pebble by RM – This colorful rock is painted using a dotting technique to create a gradient effect. The word “xoxo” is painted over the dots with hearts replacing the “o’s.”Valentine's Day Rock Painting Ideas

Lory Bug Rocks – If you’re a ladybug lover, these rocks are for you! These adorable ladybug rocks are painted light pink, red, and dark pink for Valentine’s Day with cute little lips added for an extra cute touch! These rocks would look adorable in a garden or lining flowerbeds!Valentine's Day bug painted rocks

Color Made Happy – This cute kawaii inspired cactus painted rock is perfect for Valentine’s Day or any time of year.  Cactus Valentine's Day Painted Rock

Jenevere Rocks – If you’re an avid camper, you’ll love these camper painted rocks for Valentine’s Day!

Debbie Rabinowitz – These beautiful patchwork quilt rocks have patches with hearts in them, making them perfect for Valentine’s Day! Use a variety of colors or paint the rocks in a Valentine’s Day color scheme with reds, pinks, and purples.

Rocked the Spot – Netflix and chill, anyone? This adorable rock painting set is perfect to give to your BFF or significant other this Valentine’s Day, and enjoy a relaxing night in!Valentine's Day Rock Painting Ideas

Stone Art Sisterhood – Calling all avocado lovers! These adorable avocado rocks got a Valentine’s Day makeover with heart-shaped pits. Avocado Painted Rocks

Chocolate-dipped strawberries painted rocks (credit unknown)– If you love chocolate-dipped strawberries, then you’ll love this rock painting idea! Each rock has cute words painted on it, making these perfect Valentine’s Day gifts to give to your friends and family!

Valentine's Day Painted Rocks

Rock Painting 101 – These adorable painted rock gnomes are so cute for a Valentine’s Day rock. You can get creative with what they are holding and add flowers, chocolates and other cute Valentine’s Day themed items.

Alleluia – Lovebirds will flock for these painted rocks! This simple rock has two adorable birds sitting side by side with the word “love” painted on it. This rock would look lovely sitting in your garden or on your front porch this Valentine’s Day!Love Bird Painted Rocks

Alleluia – This intricately painted rock has a tree painted on it with hearts hanging from the branches. This rock would make the perfect anniversary gift for your significant other this Valentine’s Day!Valentine's Day Painted Rock Tree

I hope you’re inspired to create your own Valentine’s Day painted rocks. I would love to see what you create. Come share with me your finished rock painting ideas on Instagram or Facebook for a chance to get featured

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