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DIY Fidget Spinner Colorful Designs

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How to make DIY fidget spinnersMy six year-old has forgotten about his fidget spinner. It sits lonely and still on his bedroom dresser. I find myself spinning it each time I go into his room hoping to bring back the magic that was once there when he first received it. But no magic has returned. It still sits lonely.

I have an idea. Maybe if I made the fidget spinner a little more fun it would attract my son’s attention again. When I look at it I see a perfect canvas for decorating. It really does need some bright and beautiful colors. That’s just the way my mind thinks. I want to craft everything pretty.

Here are two ways to bring life back to forgotten fidget spinners. It doesn’t have to be complicated. All you need is a little paint or some colorful pens and about 5-10 minutes.

DIY Colorful Fidget Spinners


Painted DIY Fidget Spinner

Supplies (affiliate links are provided for your convenience):

Painted DIY Fidget SpinnerDirections:

1. Clean you spinner with a damp cloth and dry completely.

2. Start making tiny dots, closely spaced apart around each of the three rings. I started on the very outside of the ring, but it may be easier to start on the inside and work your way out.

3. Let the paint dry completely.


4. Seal your finished design with a spray sealant


Doodle DIY Fidget Spinner


Doodle DIY Fidget Spinner


1. Clean you spinner with a damp cloth and dry completely.

2. I didn’t plan my design, I just started doodling. Be careful as you draw because the gelly roll pens do not dry quickly and it’s easy to smear the ink. The good news is that if you mess up, you can easily wipe away the ink if you quickly apply a damp towel.

3. Once you finish your design, let the ink dry completely.

4. Seal your finished design with a spray sealant.

I’m happy to report that project decorate fidget spinner was a huge success. And now my little boy wants paint his own spinner masterpiece. I hope this crafty little idea brings life back to forgotten fidget spinners all over the world. If yours comes back to life I’d love to see it. Post a pic on my Facebook page or tag me on Instagram. Together we can make forgotten fidget spinners spin again!

How to DIY a fidget spinner

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