How to Make a Galaxy Painted Pumpkin

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How to Make a Galaxy Painted PumpkinIf you’re a fan of colorful, no-carve pumpkin decorating ideas than you definitely need to add a galaxy painted pumpkin to your must make list before Halloween. I actually got the idea for making these outer space inspired pumpkins after having so much fun making these galaxy inspired painted rocks! This pumpkin craft is great for all ages and it will work on all different sized pumpkins. I like the mini pumpkins because I think they’re cute to set-up throughout the house, but a large galaxy painted pumpkin would be beautiful too!

How to make a galaxy painted pumpkinSupplies for Galaxy Painted Pumpkins 

Directions for Galaxy Painted Pumpkins 

  1. Cover the entire pumpkin with black acrylic paint using a large paint brush. If you want to make a large batch of these pumpkins I suggest using a black spray primer or spray paint so you don’t have to paint each pumpkin individually. How to make a galaxy painted pumpkin
  2. Using the round foam sponge brush, pick a color of acrylic paint and lightly sponge it onto part of the pumpkin.How to make a galaxy painted pumpkin
  3. Sponge on more paint colors to other parts of the pumpkin using the round foam sponge brush. How to make a galaxy painted pumpkin
  4. If you cover up too much of the black, you can always go back and sponge on some more black.
  5. Add stars by applying white acrylic paint to a toothbrush. Keep the bristles pointed away from you (you want them facing the rock), and run you finger up the bristles, gently flicking the paint onto your rock. How to make a galaxy painted pumpkin
  6. Once the paint has dried, add larger stars, a moon and constellations using a small paintbrush. How to make a galaxy painted pumpkin
  7. If you want some added sparkle, use a little nail polish and apply to parts of the pumpkin for extra shine. How to make a galaxy painted pumpkinDoesn’t that look like fun? If you are looking for some other fun pumpkin decorating ideas, check these other colorful pumpkin crafts:                                                                                                                  Nail Polish Marbled PumpkinsMelted Crayon PumpkinMelted Crayon Pumpkin Decorating IdeaI’d love to see how your pumpkins turn out. You can share a pic with me on Instagram or Facebook.How to make galaxy painted pumpkins for Halloween.

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