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Leaf Painting – How to Paint Galaxy Painted Leaves

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Galaxy Painted Leaves Fall is the perfect time of year to try leaf painting. There are so many different ways to paint leaves and pretty much any art supply you use on paper you can use to decorate leaves. I’m a big fan of painting galaxies on rocks and wood and I couldn’t wait to try making galaxy painted leaves.

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SUPPLIES FOR GALAXY PAINTED LEAVES (affiliate links provided for convenience)


  • Gather your leaves. You want leaves that are fresh and not already dry.
  • Put the leaves between newspaper or card stock and then put heavy books or anything else heavy on top. I usually let the leaves sit for 2-3 days before crafting to make sure the moisture is all out and the leaves are completely dry. How to press leaves for painting

Watch the leaf painting video and then see the full step-by-step directions below:


  1. Cut out a heart from card stock and tape it to the leaf.
  2. Paint the leaf black around the cutout heart.
  3. Using a round foam brush, start by adding colors by lightly pouncing directly onto the leaf. How to paint galaxy leaves
  4. Add stars by applying a small amount of white acrylic paint to a tooth brush. Keep the bristles pointed away from you (you want them facing the rock), and run you finger up the bristles, gently flicking the paint onto the wood slice. It’s easier to control where the paint goes by getting closer to the rock and flicking slowly.Galaxy Painted Leaves
  5. Add additional details like a moon and larger stars using a small round paintbrush.Galaxy Painted Leaves
  6. To add shooting stars and other larger round stars, dip a nail dotting tool (see supply list) into white paint and gently press down on the rock without touching it all the way. You just want the paint to touch. More pressure for larger dots and less pressure to make the dots smaller. Galaxy Painted Leaves
  7. Once your design is complete, let the paint dry completely and then remove the paper heart. You can clean up the edges of the heart and give the lines a crisp, clean look by using a black paint marker.
  8. I don’t typically seal my leaves, but if you want you could brush some mod podge on your finished leaf.

How to Paint a Galaxy Leaf

If you’re looking for more painted galaxy inspiration check out this post on painted galaxy rocks and this one on how to paint a galaxy wood slice.

I’d love to see how your galaxy leaves turn out. Come share with me a picture on Instagram or Facebook! I love showing examples of my tutorials being made!

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