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Leaf Painting with Puffy Paint

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Leaf Painting with Puffy PaintsFall is such a great time for leaf painting crafts. Some of my other favorite leaf crafts are Watercolor Leaf Painting and Metallic Leaf Painting. The Best Ideas for Kids also has some great leaf painting tutorials for kids. The best part about painting leaves is that they actually last long after you paint them. I have pressed leaves that I have painted and doodled on that still look amazing years later. So don’t think leaf painting has to be temporary art. You can put your finished leaves in shadow boxes if you want to hang them on the wall or you can use them to create beautiful tablescapes for dinner parties.

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Leaf Painting with Puffy Paints Supplies (affiliate links provided for convenience)

Watch the video then see the step-by-step directions below:

Leaf Painting with Puffy Paints Directions

  1. Start by pressing your leaves. I typically leave mine under heavy books for several days before painting on them. Leaf Painting with Puffy Paints
  2. Next, cover the entire leaf with white acrylic paint and let the leaf dry completely. It usually takes 15-20 mins to dry depending on how much paint you used. Leaf Painting with Puffy Paints
  3. Select the colors of puffy paint you want to use and add them to a paper plate or paint palette. Using a paint brush, add the colors to the leaf in a design that you prefer. If you want the colors more opaque, wait for the first layer to dry and then add a second. For this leaf, I only added one layer. Leaf Painting with Puffy PaintsLeaf Painting with Puffy Paints
  4. Add designs to the leaf using the dimensional fabric paint direct from the bottle. I like to keep a piece of paper nearby when using the fabric paints. I always shake the paint bottles before using and then first test them on a separate piece of paper. Leaf Painting with Puffy PaintsLeaf Painting with Puffy Paints
  5. The next step is the hardest…you have to let your leaf try! Puffy paint takes longer to dry than regular acrylic paint so try to let it be overnight until you handle it.

Leaf Painting with Puffy PaintsDon’t you think painted leaves would be so pretty for a place setting. Maybe even a Thanksgiving place setting! You could also use them as part of a centerpiece. So many possibilities. Come share with a picture of your painted leaves on Instagram or Facebook! I love showing examples of my tutorials being made!

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