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Free Printable Leaf Template

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The leaves are beginning to change, and that can only mean one thing. The fall season is here! Use these printable leaf outlines as a template to create a great fall craft or art project.

Leaves are an essential part of autumn crafts. The different leaves offer a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. The plain outline gives kids a chance to show their creativity and unique vision in each of their craft activities.

Printable Leaf Templates for Coloring or Crafts

These free leaf templates are great for your next craft project! You can use them at home or in the classroom. They’re also great for doing a autumn leaf scavenger hunt.

Simple Leaf Outline Printable

Variety of leaves template

The simple leaf outlines makes this great for beginners and more advanced artists at the same time. If you already have some printed, the kids could work on their cutting skills to create their own leaf stencils.

Free templates like these make each activity run more smoothly rather than trying to start with just a blank piece of paper. This particular template offers 6 different leaves to use however you choose. 

Variety of Leaves With Details

Variety of Leaves Template

There are so many different leaves and pattern styles in nature so it’s nice to be able to recreate at least some of that diversity with your home or classroom class projects. If you want more leaves, especially ones with details (like veins) print out his template instead.

This also creates the perfect opportunity to talk with your kids or students about trees, the types of leaves they have, and how to identify them by their shapes. One fun way to get started is to go on a nature walk near your school or home and collect different leaves from the trees around you. Then, bring the students back in and have them match the real leaves with the templates. 

Maple Leaf Templates

Maple leaves might best be known as the symbol on the Canadian flag, but they also make a great leaf template. With its large body and unique tips all around, it is a great leaf to create beautiful art with. 

There are more than 100 types of Maple trees that grow in the United States and Canada, with most of them being found from about the middle and moving eastward. 

The great thing about the Maple leaf template is that it allows you a large area to color and craft. You could use different colors of tissue paper and glue to the template or you could color it with markers, colored pencils, or even use watercolors.

Oak Leaf Template

Oak leaves are narrower than the maple leaf, but still a fun leaf pattern to incorporate into your fall projects. 

With well over 100 species of oak trees throughout the United States, you are bound to find some leaves on your nature walk to match up with the oak leaf template. The kids will love piecing together what they find outside with what is on their paper. 

The Oak leaf outline has a thinner frame making it a great fit for edging around bulletin boards or windows. 

Variety of Fall Leaves Template

With 7 different leaf shapes to choose from, this template can also be lots of fun. These beautiful leaves range from large, broad leaves like the maple to ones with jagged edges and more star-shaped forms. 

This large leaf template gives you plenty of beautiful leaves to use in your home or classroom.

Tropical Leaves Printable

Most people think about fall leaves when it comes to creative projects but may forget that there are some parts of thew world where the trees don’t change with the seasons or have more tropical looking foliage.

If you’re using this template in a classroom this is another easy way to use arts and crafts to teach your students not only about different leaves but also different climates and parts of the world.

These 5 tropical style leaves can be used in a bunch of different ways. Besides in the classroom. they’re also great templates for decorating with a tropical vibe or just nice as a coloring page for kids and adults.

Maple Leaf Coloring Page

Maybe you’re in the mood for some coloring but want a more detailed leaf to color? That’s ok, we’ve got you! Get creative with this Maple leaf coloring page – you can even print it out multiple times to try out different color combinations.

Want some coloring inspiration? Check out these examples of how I colored other similar designs.

Coloring and Craft Tips for Your Leaves

The different shapes give you the perfect opportunity to add bright colors, fun fillers, and anything else you might want to see come to life in your leaf. Here’s some other ways to incorporate these leaves into your crafts.

Creating Sturdier Leaves

Regular paper is fine for coloring but you may want something sturdier for other crafts. If you plan to use watercolor paints or glue anything onto your leaves print them out on heavy cardstock instead of printer paper.

Another idea is to back your leaves, either cut out or the whole sheet, onto cardboard or cardstock. This is great for decorating with your printed and colored leaves!

You could also cut out the leaves and trace them onto a heavier sheet of paper or cardboard, too.

What to Use a Leaf Template For

Here are a few of our favorite ways to use the leaf templates.

  • Fall baby shower
  • Birthday party
  • Helping kids learn leaf identification
  • Classroom decor
  • Printable leaf coloring pages
  • Headpieces
  • Learning about different textures by adding in tissue paper, construction paper, and other mixed media

More Fun Fall Projects to Try

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