DIY Rainbow Watercolor Painting Monstera Leaves

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DIY Watercolor Painting Monstera LeavesHi everyone! This is Zakkiya of Inkstruck Studio, and I’m here at Sam’s lovely blog to teach you how to paint gorgeous DIY rainbow watercolor painting monstera leaves. Monstera leaves are beautiful plants and this illustration coupled with a rainbow background is perfect wall art. Are you ready to learn? Let’s get started!

DIY Watercolor Painting Monstera Leaves


Please note that you may use any brand of the materials listed below. I’ll be linking the ones I’ve used for this illustration. Affiliate links provided for convenience.

  1. Sennelier cold pressed watercolor block
  2. Mijello Mission gold class watercolor set
  3. Silver black velvet brush in size 8 round and Princeton select round petite in 5/0
  4. 3M painter’s tape
  5. Uni ball white gel pen


  • STEP 1

First, stick painter’s tape on all four sides of your paper so that you get a crisp border.

Start with a rough drawing of monstera leaves. I wanted the rainbow background to shine as well, so I drew the leaves on the bottom right color on top of each other. You can decide on the composition as you like.

Next, start painting the background using your watercolors. Since the leaves are mostly green with a hint of blue, the background can be kept relatively warm by choosing colors like oranges, pinks, yellows and a dash of purple. This helps balance out the painting without taking away to much focus.

  • STEP 2

Continue painting the background using the wet on wet or blending technique. In this technique, colors are dropped next to each while they are still wet essentially creating seamless graduation from one color to the next. You can read more about the blending technique HERE.

In images two and three below, you’ll see how the colors orange is transitioned to pink and then orange again with no hard edges showing. Complete the background making sure you don’t go over the leaves. For a tight edge around the leaves, the round petite brush comes quite handy.DIY Watercolor Painting Monstera Leaves

  • STEP 3

Complete the background of the DIY rainbow watercolor monstera and allow it to dry completely. Can you see the beautiful blends that formed with the blending technique? It’s one of the simplest things to do but has gorgeous results.

  • STEP 4

Now, start with the watercolor monstera leaves. Fill it in with green and a touch a blue and ever slightly yellow to create interest. This is also done using the blending technique. Also, paint the middle vein of the monstera leaf while the paints are still damp.

  • STEP 5

Allow the leaf to dry completely. Draw the other veins radiating from the center. One thing to keep in mind is that it shouldn’t overpower the leaf but instead look like it’s a part of it.DIY Watercolor Painting Monstera Leaves

  • STEP 6

Next add texture to the leaf by painting strokes of lower value(more water, less pigment) using the round petite brush. This gives a lovely dimension to the leaf.

  • STEP 7

Repeat the same for the second leaf underneath. Add a shadow falling on the lower leaf from the first leaf. This area will be darker than the rest. Add the veins as explained previously.

  • STEP 8

Lastly, add more texture using the white gel pen and rough strokes complimenting the texture. And that’s it! You’ve created a gorgeous watercolor monstera wall art for your home!

DIY Watercolor Painting Monstera Leaves

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