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DIY Paper Roll Craft Pencil Holder

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DIY Paper Roll Craft Pencil Holder

I’m a huge fan of creating your own storage out of recycled materials. I love that you can take something as simple as a toilet paper roll and turn it into a DIY paper roll craft pencil holder. There are so many fun possibilities with this paper roll craft and a ton of fun animals you could create. See below for the exact supplies I used as well as the directions for creating your own paper roll pencil holder.

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DIY Paper Roll Craft Pencil Holder Supplies (affiliate links provided for convenience)

Paper Roll Pencil Holder Directions

  1. Start by covering your paper roll with white card stock. I used glue dots to secure the paper in place. You could also use tape as well.
  2. Next you’ll paint your paper roll with fluorescent acrylic paint.
  3. Start by adding a small amount of the colors you want to use directly to the paper roll.
  4. Use a make-up wedge to spread one color at a time. Each time use a new wedge.
  5. To blend the colors, add the two colors you are trying to blend to a new make-up sponge and lightly dab onto the paper roll. You can also add each color and then a blended version of both colors to the middle of the sponge to make blending even easier. 
  6. Once the paint is dry you can lightly sketch the animal details with pencil and then fill in using paint markers
  7. Add additional details like ears and the llama nose using card stock. For the ears you can paint the card stock to match the colors of the body.
  8. Once your animals are complete, hot glue the paper rolls to a piece of cutout cardboard. I covered my cardboard with colored card stock before I glued everything down.
  9. Fill your finished DIY paper roll craft pencil holder with your favorite pencilsDIY Paper Roll Craft Pencil Holder

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