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Painted Rock Gingerbread Houses

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Painted Rock Gingerbread Houses

I love decorating gingerbread houses at Christmas time so I thought it might be just as fun to create painted rock gingerbread houses as a fun Christmas rock painting craft. You could use this same concept and also turn your houses into painted rock fairy houses as another great option. Not only do these painted rock gingerbread houses make for fun decoration around the holidays, but they are great keepsakes to include with your gifts in place of a regular card.

Painted Rock Gingerbread Houses

Painted Rock Gingerbread Houses Supplies

Painted Rock Gingerbread Houses next to a paint palette

How to Make Painted Rock Gingerbread Houses

They look complicated but these gingerbread house painted rocks are actually really easy to make! Check out the video to see how I made them. Or if you’d rather written instructions, there’s a full step by step tutorial with pictures below.

Watch the video and then see the instructions below:


Painted Rock Gingerbread Houses Directions

1. Paint the Rocks With Primer

You can apply acrylic paint directly to the rock however I prefer to first spray the rocks with this flat white paint and primer. It makes it MUCH easier to paint colors onto the rock when you start with a white base. It also makes the colors brighter and bolder.

Rocks spray painted white with primer

2. Add a Base Color

When selecting your base paint colors, have fun with the color sections! Don’t feel like you have to only use the typical gingerbread house colors. Make sure you let it dry before you move on.

Rocks painted with a base coat of color

3. Draw the Gingerbread House

Using a white paint pen, add in the details of the gingerbread house.

4. Add Details

Using colored paint markers, add additional house details like wreaths, candy accents, hearts and more.

Painted Rock Gingerbread Houses next to paint markersAdding details with a paint marker

5. Apply Sealant

Once your rocks are finished and completely dry, spray them with a protective sealant.

Completed Painted Rock Gingerbread Houses - close up

Give your finished gingerbread house painted rocks to friends and loved ones or leave them around town for someone to find. They are a great way to spread holiday cheer. And don’t forget to come share with me a picture of your painted rock gingerbread houses on Instagram or Facebook! I love showing examples of my tutorials being made!

Tips for Painting Gingerbread Houses

Use the door as your focal point and create your design around it. You don’t have to be an amazing artist to draw the cute designs and swirls that make these gingerbread house painted rocks so unique.

Don’t forget to add windows to make it really look like a house!

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