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New Year’s Craft Painted Rock Cactus

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New Year's Craft Painted Rock CactusHappy New Year’s! This fun New Year’s craft is a great way to celebrate and craft for the new year. These cute cactus painted rocks and super easy to make and are great for all crafting abilities. See the below for the exact supplies for this easy New Year’s craft and the step-by-step directions.

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Supplies for New Year’s Craft Painted Cactus Rocks (affiliate links provided for convenience)


2.Once your rock is completely dry, add cactus details and a face using paint pens.
3. Paint the mini terra cotta pots with gold and silver acrylic paint

4. Make little mini New Year’s hats. I used a silver paint pen on a mini top hat for one. And for the other I twisted two pipe cleaners together and glued a piece of card stock on top with the year.

5. To keep the rocks in place, I added air dry clay to the inside of the flower pot.

6. Insert the finished rock directly into the flower pot and push it slightly down into the clay. The clay will eventually harden around the rock and keep it in place.

New Year's Craft Painted Rock Cactus

See how easy it is to create this fun New Year’s craft. The best part is that you’ll now have a plant that you can easily keep alive all year! Are you ready to create a painted cactus rock of your own? I’d love to see what you create. Come share with me your finished New Year’s painted rocks on Instagram page or Facebook page. I love sharing when others create one of my tutorials!

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