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Cactus Ornament Craft for Christmas

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There are so many fun ways to use mini flower pots and they are perfect for making a Christmas cactus ornament craft. This easy ornament DIY is something that kids or adults could make for a fun craft. It would also make an adorable handmade gift!

Christmas Cactus Ornament Craft


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Christmas Cactus Ornament Craft

Supplies for Cactus Ornament Craft (affiliate links provided for convenience)

How to Make a Cactus Christmas Tree Ornament Craft Step by Step

Making this cactus craft ornament is easy! If you watch the video and need a quick step by step to follow along, here’s the quick instructions. Or scroll down for more detailed written directions.

  1. Paint the Christmas tree ornament bauble with two coats of green acrylic paint.
  2. Once it’s dry, add the face details using paint pens.
  3. Glue the ornament inside the mini flower pot.
  4. Add embellishments with hot glue.

1. Paint the Christmas Ornaments

Start by painting your ornaments shade of green with acrylic paint. I mixed several different shades since I was making more than one ornament.

NOTE: I did two coats of paint so that there would be no streaks and the ornament would have full coverage.

Painting the white Christmas tree ornament green - this will become our cactus body

2. Add Face Details

Once your ornament is completely dry, add face details and a cactus pattern using paint pens.

Drawing the face on the cute cactus


Cactus ornament painting inspiration

Painting kawaii eyes on a cactus Christmas tree ornament face

3. Glue To Mini Flower Pot

Add hot glue to your mini flower pot and add the ornament.

NOTE: I would remove then hot glue the silver top of the ornament just to be sure the hold is strong.

Adding hot glue to the mini flower pot

4. Add Embellishments

Add a small flower embellishment using hot glue.

Completed Christmas Cactus Ornament Craft with flower embellishment glued onto its head

See how easy it is to create your own cactus ornament for Christmas! This would make an adorable gift for a friend who loves cacti. You can add a cute message on the flower pot as well using paint pens.

Christmas Cactus Ornament Craft

I’d love to see your finished cactus ornaments! Come share with me a picture on Instagram or Facebook! I love showing examples of my tutorials being made!

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