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How To Draw A Hedgehog

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Drawing is a fun activity where you can release your creative side and express yourself. Both children and adults regularly partake in drawing because it produces many benefits creatively and cognitively. In addition, drawing is therapeutic for both children and adults, releasing stress and improving hand-eye coordination. Cute animals are particularly fun to draw and loved by kids. See below an easy way to draw a hedgehog and download the hedgehog printable to practice on your own. How to Draw a Hedgehog

This in-depth how-to tutorial explains how to draw a cute cartoon hedgehog step-by-step and the materials required to do so. This cute hedgehog drawing tutorial is perfect for a Valentine’s Day card, birthday card, anniversary card and more. So, whether you’re a parent helping your child or an adult, you’ll love this in-depth how-to-draw a hedgehog guide…perfect for novice artists! You can also use this as a guide for how to draw a porcupine as they are very similar looking. Download the hedgehog template printable below. 

Click HERE TO Download the How to draw a Hedgehog Printable

Materials Needed to Draw a Cute Hedgehog

  1. White sheet of paper or card stock
  2. Pencil
  3. Eraser
  4. Markers, colored pencils, or crayons for filling in lines and the body of the hedgehog. See this post for the best markers for coloring and doodling.

How to Draw a Hedgehog

  1. Grab a piece of white paper and lay it on a flat surface. You don’t want any ridges or bumps under your paper, or it will affect your drawing.
  2. Take your pencil and draw an egg shape with a small rounded V at the top (this is the hedgehog’s body).Step 1: drawing the shape of the hedgehog
  3. Draw two half circles on each side of your hedgehog’s head. Then, draw two smaller half-circles inside the larger half-circles (these are the hedgehog’s ears)Ears are added to the top
  4. Towards the top of the hedgehog, draw eyes with two black vertical ovals for the hedgehog’s eyes. Leave two white dots per oval to make the eyes look more realistic.
  5. Draw a large irregularly-shaped horizontal oval just below the eyes (this oval is part of the hedgehog’s nose). Next, draw a small upside-down rounded triangle inside the large oval for the nose. 
  6. Further down the body, draw a tilted horizontal oval on each side of the hedgehog, slightly diagonal from the eyes (these ovals are the hedgehog’s front paws). Going down even further, draw two more vertical   somewhat diagonal from the front paws (these are the hedgehog’s back paws).A cute face, hands, and feet are added to the hedgehog drawing
  7. Next, draw a shaggy hedgehog’s needles border around the hedgehog’s body (this border represents the hedgehog’s quills). Feel free to make this as bushy or neat as you like!Shaggy hedgehog "quills" have been drawn on
  8. Draw three small lines inside the hedgehog’s front and back paws toward the ends of the ovals (these are the hedgehog’s claws). Draw the front claws facing each other and the back claws facing up. 
  9. Then, draw a heart between the two front paws centered on the belly as if the hedgehog is holding the heart.How to Draw a Hedgehog holding a heart

Tips and Tricks for How to Draw a Hedgehog 

Hedgehogs are typically brown and tan; however, if you want to get creative with it, you can color your hedgehog however you like! You can also add extra details to your hedgehog’s expression. For example, you can add some eyebrows, eyelashes, a smile, or any other details you want! I added rosy cheeks to my hedgehog to give it a more lifelike appearance! You can also use this guide for how to draw a porcupine as they look very similar. Finished hedgehog drawing idea that's colored in

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Coloring your Hedgehog (affiliate links provided for convenience)

Some Helpful Drawing Q&A:

Can I use a pen instead of a pencil?

Yes! You can use a pen if you prefer. I prefer to use a pencil just in case I mess up, but if you’re comfortable with it, go for it! If your child is drawing, I would stick with a pencil as they are a little messier with their lines.

What if my hands are shaky when I’m drawing?

This is totally normal. Instead of drawing a continuous line or shape, make smaller strokes and connect them as if you were sketching. This way, you can take breaks between strokes yet still make the drawing come together nicely. Have your eraser handy to erase any strokes that are out of line. 

Can I paint over the drawing instead of filling it in?

Absolutely! If you want to take it further and use paint to fill in your hedgehog, do it! I recommend either acrylic paint or watercolor paint for painting on white paper. You can find these types of paint on Amazon, Michael’s, or any other craft store near you!


Now that you’ve completed your hedgehog drawing or porcupine drawing, it’s time to show it off! Please tag me on social media (@colormadehappy) so that I can see your unique creations! Hopefully, you enjoyed this how-to-draw a hedgehog tutorial, and stay tuned for more how-to-draw tutorials coming soon!

Do I have to draw a heart on the hedgehog?

Of course not! You can leave the heart out altogether, or you can have your hedgehog hold something else. The choice is yours!

What if I struggle with drawing a straight line?

No worries! All you need to do is draw to the best of your ability. For children you can guide their hand into the shapes they need to draw. 

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