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How to Paint on Jeans

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How to Paint Jeans TutorialDo you have an old pair of jeans lying around that you can’t quite get yourself to get rid of? Well this is a perfect craft you. Learn how to paint your jeans and the best supplies to use. It’s really quite easy once you learn the best way to paint jeans. You could also use the same techniques for painting a jean jacket and other clothes. This post contains affiliate links, and I may be compensated if you make a purchase through my link. See full disclosure here.

 Supplies for Painting Jeans

Directions for How to Paint on Jeans

Step 1. Start by taping around one pocket of your jeans using painters tape.

Step 2. Mix your paint with fabric medium before you apply it to your jeans. Start by painting the entire pocket white. The white background helps the additional colors you add to standout more than if you applied them directly to the jeans.

Step 3. Cut-out a heart from card stock and tape it to the center of the pocket and lightly sketch your design using a pencil. 

Step 4. Paint the rest of the design onto the jeans.

Step 5. Once completely dry, remove the heart. If any paint gets underneath you can paint over it with white.

How to Paint Jeans Tutorial

Be sure to follow the directions for the Gac 900 Heat-Seat Fabric Painting Medium to heat seal you finished design. How to Paint Jeans Tutorial

See how easy it is to paint jeans! Now that you know how to paint on denim what will your first project be? Make sure you are following along with me on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok to see more colorful and crafty projects. And be sure to come share your finished craft. I love sharing pictures of my tutorials that have been made


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