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Holiday Painted Rocks Display

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Holiday Painted Rocks DisplayI often get asked what I do with all the painted rocks I make. I have a few hundred after creating them for my book the Rock Art Handbook. While I give most of them away and leave others outside for people to find, sometimes I like to display them in my house. This is a fun way to display holiday painted rocks, however you can use this same concept for any time of year. How to Display Holiday Painted Rocks

Holiday Painted Rocks Display Supplies (affiliate links provided for convenience)

Holiday Painted Rocks Display Directions

  1. Start by painting your holiday rocks. I painted gingerbread houses, snowmen and Christmas trees. For the full gingerbread painted house tutorial, see this post. For the snowmen and trees, I covered the rocks first with white acrylic paint and then added details using paint pensHow to Display Holiday Painted RocksPainted Rock Gingerbread Houses
  2. Add decorative sand, crystals (or fake snow), miniature accessories and then finally add the painted rocks. How to Display Holiday Painted Rocks

How to Display Holiday Painted Rocks

These little holiday painted rock displays would make such great gifts for the holidays. You could also set up a craft station for the kiddos during holiday parties where they could make their own holiday painted rock display. Holiday Painted Rock Display

I’d love to see your finished displays if you try out the tutorial. Come share a picture with me on Instagram or Facebook! I love showing examples of my tutorials being made!

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