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Pumpkin Camper Tutorial

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Painted Pumpkin Camper Tutorial - It's a pumpkin with a vintage camper painted on the side

Who doesn’t love vintage campers? This no carve pumpkin idea makes for a great display piece and is the perfect way to add some fun pumpkin decor around the house. You can even add some fun dollhouse items around the pumpkin for a cute vignette. Making a pumpkin camper is super easy.

Make This No Carve Painted Pumpkin Camper

Want to make one for yourself?  You’ll be surprised how easy it is! See below for the complete list of supplies and directions

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Painted Pumpkin Camper Supplies (affiliate links provided for convenience)

Camper Pumpkin Tutorial - Completed project with a camper painted on a pumpkin in bright colors

Painted Pumpkin Camper – Detailed Directions

1. Outline the Design

Start by outlining the details of your camper design onto your pumpkin using a pencil.

Sketching the design on a white pumpkin

2. Start Painting

Paint the main parts of the pumpkin using acrylic paint.

Adding the main colors to the pumpkin, make sure you leave the parts that will be more detailed white to make it easier

3. Fill in the Details

Start to fill in the details with paint pens. The window, door, flags and tire.

Adding fine details to our camper themed pumpkin with paint markers

4. How to Paint the Window Flowers

For the window flowers, start first by adding both dark green and light green specs for the leaves.

for the flowe box - adding the foliage

5. Let it Dry The Add Details

Once the leaves are dry, add little flowers. Be careful to let each color of the flower dry before adding more or the colors will run together. You can also add little polka dots on the window shade.

Adding the flowers

6. Front Door

Add details to the front door.

Details on the door of the camper

7. Outline in Black

Outline everything with a black paint pen to make it stand out.

Outlining all the artwork with black marker

8. Add Finishing Touches

At the very end I thought the camper needed a cute little flamingo decor. You could also add a BBQ instead.

Finishing touches with paint maker, a flamingo was added

For a finishing touch you could add some cute dollhouse furniture to the the outside of the pumpkin for additional decor.

Painted Camper Pumpkin Tutorial

How to Make a Painted Pumpkin Camper – Quick Step by Step

  1. Outline the details on your pumpkin.
  2. Paint the large areas in solid colors.
  3. Let it dry, then add details with paint markers.
  4. To create window flowers, first add dark and light green leaves.
  5. Let the leaves dry, then add in the details for the flowers. Make sure everything dries completely in between!
  6. Add the front door details.
  7. Outline your designs in black marker to make them pop.
  8. Add any finishing touches!

How Long Does it Take Paint to Dry on a Pumpkin?

Usually acrylic paint dries in 15 minutes to an hour, but it really depends on how heavy your coats are and the conditions in the space where you’re painting. Test a few areas to make sure the paint is dry before you handle the pumpkin or add another coat.

More Tips to Make This Vintage Camper Craft

  • Use the picture as a guide when you’re drawing so you have inspiration
  • Use a white pumpkin to make painting easier
  • Make sure you let the paint dry before adding another layer on top or else the colors will run
  • Get creative with your camper colors and details

Camper Pumpkin Tutorial

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