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Christmas Gnome Painted Rock Ornaments

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There are so many fun ways to decorate painted rocks for Christmas and the holidays, but how about turning your finished painted rocks into ornaments! See below for how to create a fun and easy Christmas gnome painted rock ornament.

Christmas Gnome Painted Rock Ornaments Tutorial


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Supplies for Christmas Gnome Painted Rock Ornaments (affiliate links provided for convenience)

How to Make Gnome Painted Rock Christmas: Step by Step Tutorial

Follow the instructions below to make these colorful gnome Christmas tree decorations. The first part involves painting the gnome on the rock. Then you need to add the ribbon so it can be hung on the tree!

To Create Your Gnome Rock Painting

1. Draw the Shape on the Rock

With a pencil, draw the shape of your gnomes. Some can have smooth beards, some can have fluffy, etc. The hats should also be different shapes and sizes.

2. Color Large Areas of the Gnome

Color in the beards with white. Each hat can be different! Color them with stripes, stars, snowflakes, polka-dots, etc.

3. Add Details

Next, color the nose of the gnome and any remaining details.

4. Outline Your Gnome Rock Art

Outline the details of the gnome in black. If you choose to spray your rocks with sealant, do so at this time.

How to paint Christmas gnomes onto rocks - first draw an outline with pencil, then do the base colors. Once they're dry, add details and outline with paint markers.

Completed Christmas gnome paintings on rocks

Completed example of our Christmas Gnome Painted Rock Ornaments Tutorial part 1

How to Turn Your Christmas Gnome Painted Rocks into Tree Ornaments

1. Prep Your Supplies

Plug in your glue gun and cut strips of ribbon while the glue gun heats up. Depending on how large or small your rocks are, it is best to go with 6-8 inches of ribbon. 

2. Add Glue

On the top part of the back of the rock, dab some glue.

3. Glue the Ribbon On

Quickly lay your ribbon down on an angle. Make sure that the sparkly/decorated side of the ribbon is facing down.

4. Loop the Ribbon

Make a loop with the ribbon big enough that you can hang the rock on a tree branch.

5. Finish Glueing

Add a dollop of glue on top of where the current ribbon is glued down. Press the remaining ribbon down. If you have an excess ribbon, you can trim it off with the scissors.

Christmas Gnome Painted Rock Ornaments Tutorial for adding the ribbon - first add hot glue. Next, glue the end of the ribbon. Third, create a loop and glue down the end. Then trim off excess and you're done!

Gnome Rock Ornaments Are Complete!

Once the glue is dried, your gnome rocks are finished!

I’d love to see what your finished gnome ornament rocks look like. Come share with me a picture on Instagram or Facebook! I love showing examples of my tutorials being made!

Christmas Gnome Painted Rock Ornaments Tutorial

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