Thank You for Delivery Drivers

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The holiday season and Christmas is such a joyful, yet hectic time of year. Sometimes, we forget about the people who make the holidays run as smoothly as they do like delivery people. Going out of your way to say thank you to those people is just a little something we can do to show how much we appreciate their service. Create a fun thank you delivery person cart or basket to show your appreciation. Delivery person thank you cart

What Is a Delivery Person Thank You Cart?

A Thank You Delivery Cart is a utility cart with goodies packed inside to show your appreciation for the recipient. You can also use a basket as well. For example, I wanted to give a huge thank you to all the UPS, Amazon, FedEx, USPS, Instacart, and other delivery drivers because they work so hard to bring us what we need. I thought it would be a fun idea to pack a utility cart full of snacks, drinks, candy, and thank you cards to show how much I appreciate them. thank you delivery person cart

Supplies Needed to Make a Thank You Delivery Drivers Cart

  • Utility Cart (I used a white one) or a basket 
  • Goodies (Chips, Drinks, Candy, Packaged Desserts, Thank You Cards). Target has a great selection of holiday snacks and treats.
  • Plastic Organizer Bins (I used white bins I had on hand)
  • Christmas Decorations (I used a string of colored felt Christmas lights)
  • Small Chalkboard or Letterboard (I used this to write my “thank you” message)

How to Make a Delivery Driver Thank You Cart

  1. Take your utility cart and arrange your plastic bins to fit inside the cart.
  2. Arrange your goodies inside each bin. I put drinks like Gatorade, Coke, and water at the bottom. In the middle, I put snack-sized bags of chips like Lays, Doritos, plus some Oreo bags. At the top, I put candy bags from Target, single-serve Pringles, a letterboard with a “thank you” message, and some hand sanitizer!
  3. To make the cart more festive, add a strand of colorful felt Christmas lights or any other decorations!
  4. Take your letterboard or chalkboard and write your “thank you” message!Thank you delivery driver cart

Helpful Tips

Add a Personal Touch

Nothing says you’re truly thankful that a little personal touch. For the cart I added a basket of colorful painted rocks for the delivery drivers to take. You could also make DIY ornaments or even just hand written thank you cards. 

Make it Festive

A festive cart definitely adds to the holiday cheer. I used minimal decor, but you can jazz it up however you want! For example, you can add fairy lights, ornaments, DIY crafts, and more!

Add a Theme

If you want you can give a theme to your cart. For example, you can do a coffee-themed cart, a chocolate-themed cart, a salty and sweet cart, a drinks-only cart; you name it! You can add whatever personal touches you want to the cart to make it special!

Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed this Delivery Thank You Cart DIY Project! Sometimes, a thank you card isn’t enough to say how much you appreciate someone. Give the gift that keeps on giving and shouts “THANK YOU” in the biggest way this Christmas! If you tried this project out, let me know. I’d love to see what you come up with!

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