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20 St. Patrick’s Day Painted Rocks to Inspire

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Making St. Patrick’s Day and shamrock painted rocks is a great activity for all ages. The best part about rock painting is that anything goes from easy designs to more complex painted rock ideas. You only need a few rock painting supplies to get started.

St. Patrick's Day Painted Rocks collage of multiple rock designs

St. Patrick’s Day and Shamrock Painted Rocks to Inspire You

See below the best supplies for making your own St. Patrick’s day rock painting ideas and get inspired by these fun ideas.  They make great activities to do at home with the kids, crafts for the classroom, or projects for adults to get creative.

Rock Painting Supplies

For more tips on the best supplies for painting rocks see this post.

St. Patricks Day Painted Rocks Ideas and Rock Painting Inspiration

Artists or tutorials are linked for each pictures

Easy Idea – Rainbow Shamrock Painted Rocks

Shamrock painted rocks by Color Made Happy painted in rainbow colors with cute kawaii faces added.

Shamrock Painted Rocks


Leprechaun Painted Rock

Cute leprechaun painted rock design. (artist unknown)

Leprechaun Painted Rock

Lucky Shamrock

Lucky Shamrock painted rock by Rocking.kk.

Lucky Shamrock Painted Rock

Gold Coins and Rainbow Painted Rocks for St. Patrick’s Day

Colorful rainbow painted rock with gold coins and shamrocks. (artist unknown)

Rainbow Painted Rock

Rocks to Inspire Kindness

St. Patrick’s day kindness rocks by Danielle Bordenave.

St. Patrick's Day Kindness Rocks to inspire you - they wrote messages with shiny paint

Pot-o-Gold St. Patrick’s Day Rock Idea

Leprechaun hat and pot of gold painted rock with a beautiful blended rainbow design. (artist unknown)

Upside down leprechaun hat with gold coins inside and a rainbow behind it painted onto a rock

Gnome Painted Rocks

St. Patrick’s day gnome painted rocks. (artist unknown)

Idea for Gnome Painted Rocks - there are two gnomes on the rock, one has a green heart the other a garland

Colorful Gnome Rock Idea for St. Patrick’s Day

Cute St. Patrick’s painted rocks with a colorful gnome painted rock and colorful luck painted stone by Jenevere Rocks.

There are two rocks. One is a St. Patrick's Day Gnome Painted Rock with rainbows the other says Luck with a horeshoe.

Mandala Painted Rock Inspiration

Mandala painted rock design. (artist unknown)

Mandala Shamrock Painted Rock

Shamrock and Pot of Gold Painted Rock

Pot of gold painted rock. (artist unknown)

Pot of gold rock idea

Leprechaun Hat Painting Idea

St. Patrick’s day hat painted rock. (artist unknown)

Leprechaun Hat Painted rock

Green Painted Rock Heart Design Inspiration

Saint Patrick’s Day painted rock heart design. (artist unknown)

Green Painted Rock Heart

Hedgehog Holding a Shamrock Painted Rock

Hedgehog kindness painted rock for St. Patrick’s Day by RockyPandaCraft

Hedgehog painted rock holding a shamrock

Follow the Rainbow

Pot of gold rainbow painted rock by Rock Painting 101.

Follow the rainbow painted rock with a pot of gold

Lucky Shamrock Ideas for St. Patrick’s Day Painted Rocks

Lucky shamrock painted rock idea by Mojorocksli.

Lucky shamrock rocks

Green Shamrock Ladybug Painted Rock Idea to Inspire You

St. Patrick’s day lady bug painted rock by Lory Rocks. Shop her Etsy shop here.

Green shamrock ladybug Painted Rock

Cute Gnome Painting Ideas

Cute St. Patricks gnome painted rocks by RockyPandaCraft.

Cute Gnome painting ideas

St. Patrick’s Day Themed Vintage Truck With Shamrocks

St. Patrick’s day truck painted rock by Jenevere Rocks.

Truck Painted Rock with Shamrocks

Dot Painted Lucky Clover Design

Dot painted rocks in a lucky clover rock painting design by Create and Cherish.

Four leaf clover painted rocks

Tall Hat Gnome For Long Painted Rocks

Cute St. Patrick’s Day gnome painted rocks by Stone Art Sisterhood.

St. Patrick's Day Gnome Painted Rocks

Cartoon Leprechaun Rock Painting Idea

Cute cartoon leprechaun painted rocks. (artist unknown)

St. Patrick's Day Painted Rocks with cartoon leprechauns

Are you feeling inspired to create your own St. Patrick’s Day painted rocks? I’d love to see what you come up with. Come share you finished painted rock designs with my on social media at @ColorMadeHappy.

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