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Art Christmas Tree

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Art Christmas Tree - the mini Christmas tree is decorated with art themed items like craft supplies, homemade ornaments, and a color wheelThis art tree is the 2nd tree in the learning Christmas tree series I created with my friend Nadia Colucci who is an expert when it comes to decorating Christmas trees for all holidays, not just Christmas. Check out all of Nadia’s amazing trees here.

Make Your Own Themed Art Christmas Tree

The idea behind an art Christmas tree is that it’s a fun way to get your kids learning about and creating ART at home whether you homeschool, your kids do online school or you just want more art at home. You can fill the tree with easy and fun craft projects that can be taken right off the tree. The crafts that you see on the tree in the picture are all finished crafts, but you can start by decorating the tree with unfinished wood craft pieces, shells, mini canvases and more. See a complete list of craft ideas to get you start below. 

Supplies and Craft Ideas (affiliate links provided for convenience)

Craft Ideas for an Art Christmas Tree

Here’s some ideas that you can use to decorate your own art themed Christmas tree. I’ve included the links to tutorials so you can get multiple fun projects out of this one activity. I prefer to decorate the Christmas tree with a combination of art supplies and homemade ornaments.

Wooden Heart Tree Topper

Abstract Painted Heart Art Projects

To make this tree topper for your art tree you’ll need: 

Painted Sea Shells

Painted Sea Shell Art

Make them yourself: Painted sea shell art tutorials

Mini Canvas Art

Abstract Heart Art Project

Use my Mini canvas art tutorial

Painted Rock OrnamentsChristmas gnome painted rocks

Use my Christmas gnome painted rock tutorial for the full step by step instructions to paint these.

Glitter Ornaments

Easy Glitter Ornaments

It’s easy to make your own kawaii Glitter Ornaments. 

The idea is to not feel overwhelmed about doing art at home, especially if you think you aren’t the artistic type. It doesn’t have to be complicated. A few paints and a piece of wood can go a long way. 

More Unique Tree Ideas

Learning Christmas Tree


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