Year Round Christmas Trees

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Most families take down their Christmas trees shortly after the holidays. The new year hits and they begin packing up the holiday decor. But why? No one said you have to take down your festive decorations just because the holidays are over. Why not have your own year round Christmas trees.

Ideas for Year Round Christmas Trees

Sami Riccioli decided to create her own Never-Ending Christmas Tree and I am SO GLAD she did. Her Instagram page is full of beautifully decorated Christmas trees. They aren’t all Christmas-themed either. She decorates them for every holiday and fun event that she wants. Her tree is not a real tree, it’s definitely an artificial Christmas tree, making it that much more convenient to decorate.

Collection of ideas for year round Christmas trees

How Her Year Round Christmas Tree Started

Back in December of 2019, Sami posted a gorgeous picture of her sugar candy-themed Christmas tree among gingerbread houses and other festive decor. The tree was decked out with pastel lollipops and ice cream cones. It has a delicious candy theme. The caption said, “I may never take her down”. And she didn’t. A couple of months later, she decorated the tree for Valentine’s Day, and then St. Patrick’s Day, Easter … and she kept going! Her Year Round Christmas Tree was born and she calls it the Never Ending Christmas Tree.

Candy themed year round Christmas Tree

She has trees decorated for every holiday of the year including Easter, Cinco de Mayo, Fourth of July, the kids’ birthdays, back-to-school, and Halloween.

Easter themed Christmas tree
She’s been doing this for a few years now and the collections of Christmas trees are so cool to look at. I love the Halloween tree she made last year. I highly recommend you go check out her entire Instagram page.

Halloween themed Christmas tree

What Decorations Does She Use for Year Round Christmas Trees?

These seasonal trees use everything from Christmas ornaments in a variety of colors to artificial flowers, home decor and handmade ornaments that Sami makes herself. The whole family poses in front of the tree for each holiday and it’s beautiful to see the joy on their faces.

Fall themed tree

On top of decorating their beautiful tree every couple of months, she creates elaborate birthday displays and decorations for parties with amazing balloon arches and party decor. I would love living in this house if I were a child…actually I want to live in this house as an adult!!

Valentine's Day themed Christmas tree

Decorating the Tree with Every Color of the Rainbow

Based on her posts, she loves using rainbow colors and it looks amazing! She even created a beautiful rainbow tree for Christmas. Throughout the year, you’ll see every color represented somewhere in bold colors and brilliant pastels. She often decorates the fireplace mantel as well. I love her Halloween trees, ombre flower trees and Summer-themed trees the most. They are a wonderful way to celebrate each season of the year.

Rainbow Christmas tree

Floral Christmas Tree Idea

One of the many year round Christmas trees - this one is floral themed

I love the spark of Christmas spirit these delightful trees bring to each month of the year.

Fourth of July Themed Tree

When Christmas can’t be further in the middle of July, her family has a red, white, and blue tree in the middle of their living room for the Fourth of July. The colors are spectacular.

I can’t imagine what her bins of holiday decorations look like but I bet she has tons!

Fourth of July inspired year round Christmas tree idea

Want to Decorate Your Own Year Round Christmas Trees?

To start your own year-round Christmas tree, all you have to do is think outside the box. You’ll want to start first with an  artificial tree. A white tree would be a great color to start with as it’s versatile and great for all different decor. However, artificial trees come in all different colors nowadays so you can also chose your favorite color!

Get creative with your favorite decorations. Let the kids help, pick items that bring you joy, and have fun! Use your favorite ornaments, cover the entire tree, or as little as you would like. The craft store and dollar store always have some great decorations you can use.

You will definitely want to follow Sami Riccioli though, as her ideas are phenomenal.

Cinco de Mayo Christmas Tree

One of many cool year round Christmas trees - this one is Cinco de Mayo themed

Use a variety of crafts you have done to decorate your tree! Make your own Taco Ornaments for Cinco de Mayo, Cupcake Ornaments for any time of year, or Nightmare Before Christmas Ornaments for Halloween. Handmade ornaments are a different approach to decorating your festive tree and the whole family can get in on the fun.

St. Patrick’s Day Themed Christmas Tree

St Patrick's Day Christmas Tree

Be sure to check out Sami’s Instagram page and enjoy looking at all of the fabulous trees she puts together. It certainly makes me want to try decorating for each holiday just a little more! Check out the Easter tree she has up right now! You can see the Easter bunny and tons of cute decorations on the tree.

Easter Tree

Easter tree as part of a collection of year round Christmas trees

I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next. Follow her on Instagram at  @sami_riccioli.

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