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Nightmare Before Christmas Ornament DIY

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Nightmare Before Christmas Ornament DIY

Our family loves watching the Nightmare Before Christmas movie every year before Halloween. The best part is that one of our favorite movies can also be fun at Christmas time too! I thought Jack Skellington could use a colorful upgrade for a Nightmare Before Christmas Ornament DIY. All you need are a few materials and this Christmas ornament craft can be created easily by kids or adults!

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How to Make DIY Nightmare Before Christmas Ornament Decorations

Nightmare Before Christmas Ornament DIY

Supplies for Nightmare Before Christmas Ornament (affiliate links provided for convenience)

Directions for Painting Jack Skellington Ornaments

1. Add Paint to Your Ornament

I started by adding acrylic paint colors to my ornament but you can add the colors one-by-one as you go. It’s actually easier to add them as you go.

Clear ornament with rainbow of paint colors applied in blobs

2. Spread Out the Colors

Using a flat paint brush, start with the red and brush back and forth as you slowly work towards the next color. I was ok with my colors overlapping and didn’t wipe my paint brush until I got to the orange and yellow.

Painting the ornament

3. Clean Brush At Yellow

Once I got to the yellow I cleaned my brush in water and then dried my brush well. Then I started with the green and did the same thing working my way down through the rest of the colors. It’s okay if you need to add more paint to your brush, the key is to keep the bristles very dry.

Ornament with the rainbow paint pattern all spread out - it's ready for Jack Skellington's face now

4. Let it Dry

The next part is the hardest…let your paint dry completely!! If you don’t let it dry, the next step may remove some of the paint.

5. Add Details With a Paint Pen

For Jack’s face I used a black medium tip paint pen for the eyes and an extra fine tip paint pen for the mouth, nose and other line details.

Drawing the outline for the eyes with paint marker

Ornament with eyes painted on in black

If you have to choose just one sized paint marker to purchase, I would get an extra fine paint pen!! You can always paint the eyes with black paint if needed but you really a skinny tip pen to do the mouth and smaller details.

Drawing on Jack's Mouth

Completed Nightmare Before Christmas Ornament DIY

Optional: Seal the Paint

I didn’t seal my finished design but you can if you like. If you want to seal your finished ornament, I’d recommend this glossy sealant option or this matte finish option.Nightmare Before Christmas Ornament DIY

See how easy it easy to make a Jack Skellington ornament! This Nightmare Before Christmas ornament craft is sure to please any fan of the movie.

I’d love to see your finished Nightmare Before Christmas ornaments! Come share with me a picture on Instagram or Facebook! I love showing examples of my tutorials being made!

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